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Re: [atlarge-discuss] voting and polling

At 06:33 a.m. 2/06/2002 -0700, todd glassey wrote:
>DNSO could easily swamp ICANN if it ever got its act together.

ICANN has the IANA function and the MoU with DoC.
ICANN has the funding from the gTLD registry tax.
ICANN can do with a 9 person staff and remain nimble on its feet ,but the 
DNSO, to be legitimate as a stakeholder body, must lumber itself with a 
large Registrant "parliament" slowed down by democratic on-line procedures.

Only an automated streamlining of the procedures, such as was proposed with 
The Polling Booth with its procedural charter , would mean that the DNSO 
would become a real influence.
I guess this is what you mean by 'getting its act together'.

But it would be an intensely political body. Nobody would be sure of the 
ultimate allegiance of candidates for office. If it would start making 
deals with the GAC, the ccSO, US Congress and the EU, the lobbying power of 
the big corporate interests now dominating the Names Council would still be 

Its main function would be to provide ICANN and its operations with 
glasnost and legitimacy.

>It represents
>the only large group of voters that are capable of participating as
>individuals in the Internet Process. This is a very serious issue since
>there are so many fracturing influences in the DNSO.

Think this through a bit more, Todd.

>If I was ICANN I would run in fear that DNSO would achieve a real membership
>behind a real charter, and start getting active here in the US as a PAC and
>not just an independent Internet Only Working Group.

If I was ICANN I would see the above scenario for my DNSO as my biggest hope.

What I would really fear is a completely independent At Large driven by 
real Individual concerns.


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