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Re: [atlarge-discuss] voting and polling

Joop - No matter what commentary you came up with below the first time a US
Congressman gets a call from the At Large membership group and it has 10K +
US members the DoC will very quickly start rethinking its ICANN alone
stance. The DoC is easily swayed by one thing and that is the American
Voting Public.


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> At 06:33 a.m. 2/06/2002 -0700, todd glassey wrote:
> >DNSO could easily swamp ICANN if it ever got its act together.
> Hmm.
> ICANN has the IANA function and the MoU with DoC.
> ICANN has the funding from the gTLD registry tax.
> ICANN can do with a 9 person staff and remain nimble on its feet ,but the
> DNSO, to be legitimate as a stakeholder body, must lumber itself with a
> large Registrant "parliament" slowed down by democratic on-line
> Only an automated streamlining of the procedures, such as was proposed
> The Polling Booth with its procedural charter , would mean that the DNSO
> would become a real influence.
> I guess this is what you mean by 'getting its act together'.
> But it would be an intensely political body. Nobody would be sure of the
> ultimate allegiance of candidates for office. If it would start making
> deals with the GAC, the ccSO, US Congress and the EU, the lobbying power
> the big corporate interests now dominating the Names Council would still
> undiminished.
> Its main function would be to provide ICANN and its operations with
> glasnost and legitimacy.
> >It represents
> >the only large group of voters that are capable of participating as
> >individuals in the Internet Process. This is a very serious issue since
> >there are so many fracturing influences in the DNSO.
> Think this through a bit more, Todd.
> >If I was ICANN I would run in fear that DNSO would achieve a real
> >behind a real charter, and start getting active here in the US as a PAC
> >not just an independent Internet Only Working Group.
> If I was ICANN I would see the above scenario for my DNSO as my biggest
> What I would really fear is a completely independent At Large driven by
> real Individual concerns.
> --Joop

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