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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ncdnhc-discuss] Joe Sims repsonds to criticism of Reformdocument

Since you seem so all knowing, what is the real world of ICANN?

Quite clearly it is so non-transparent that us
dotcommoner/stakeholder/user/domain holders do not know.

If not the GA then where and what - the staff?  God help you are not so lame as
to say you and Ester, or the BoD.   Is it your brothers' and yours' and
Crispins' corporation?  <http://www.tribalwise.com>

As I just checked you do not know anything about representative sampling or
representative results.  Consult a marketing surveyor or at least do some
research as you are way out of your depth in this arena.

Please keep your ignorance to your specified field of ignorance.  I have
forgotten two texts more than you ever learned about representativeness and you
are wrong.


Dave Crocker wrote:

> non-representative sampling leads to non-representative results.  the GA is
> non-representative of much having to do with the real world of ICANN.

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