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[atlarge-discuss] Website translation

As I wrote a few days ago, I think that having websites which explain
what At-Large is doing is one of the most important action to take to
reach single users all around the world. 
I spent half an hour trying to learn as much HTML as possible and then
began translating www.at-large.org. Then I started wondering about the
permission that I should ask to the webmaster (I don't even know 
who is he...) and about *which* site was better to translate. I think
that that site is a good point to start from, it explains briefly but
clearly all the main things. 
But I know that someone doesn't like that site, that "our" site is
www.icannatlarge.com, and so on with problems between At-Large and
ICANN, cooperation or whatever between them...
Now, I ask for your opinion. What should I translate? Whom should I ask
for permission?


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