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Re: [atlarge-discuss] transparency in action

Joop et al,

With respect to the correspondence you mention, I have no problem with its
publication.  In fact, I'd like for the membership to judge the IMO
_ridiculous_ billing amounts you have submitted for payment for your work on
the web site.  As I mentioned offlist, I think your prices for web design and
hosting etc.,  are not only exorbitant, but they are completely incongruent
with the web site you produced.  To pay you $3700+ USD for the current
icannatlarge.com web site is tantamount to highway robbery IMHO.  Not only
this, but the membership did not choose your services, you were
self(?)-appointed, and you were paid an original fee of $1500? USD by Pindar
Wong (correct me if I'm wrong).  Judging by the web site (in which you
incorporated a free bulletin board and little else besides), I would have
thought that the $1500 was more than enough!!!  Way more than enough.  Instead,
you went ahead and racked up a whole slew of charges which are IMHO completely
out of whack with the reality of what work you did on the site.  Simply put,
there is no justifying the confusing fees you list at:

Furthermore, you set a pretty bad example for any future webmasters who might
wish to offer their services.  Your precedent leaves any prospective webmasters
with the question of compensation for their work.

In point of fact, I consider the current web site a rudimentary affair that is
1) badly conceived and executed, 2) difficult to keep organized and to update
and 3) not appealling to the eye.  For $1000 USD (approx. 25% of Joop's charges
to-date)  I would be happy to take over the webmaster positon from Joop and to
replace the site with a PostNuke variant like the one at:
http://www.greekphilosophy.com which could include an integrated message forum,
live chat, and a whole host of other features.  Not to mention that I would
also provide more appealling design and artwork elements to enhance the
icannatlarge image.  Oh, and did I mention the hosting... of course, I would
provide that as well.  All for $1000 USD!  Too bad Esther and Pindar didn't
come to me when choosing the original webmaster, we would now have some money
left over to incorporate this organization.  As it stands, we're in debt to
Joop for a nasty web site due to his inflated fees.

Joop, feel free to post the correspondence.  By all means.  Out of respect for
your past efforts in individual user representation I am saddened by this
affair.  I was hoping you would reconsider your fees but it's obvious you are
not even close to such a move.  Too bad.  I thought this effort was about
organizing an effective Individual User's organization and NOT a cash cow for


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> The interim Panel should publish its correspondence now.
> As I heard no objections against publication from any of the interim Panel
> members, may I ask   Vittorio , as Chair , to publish here on this list the
> non-archived correspondence that took place between the 7 Panel members and
> the webmaster ?
> I would have posted it myself, but I am currently in the Central
> Philippines, with my laptop and I do not have the stored email with me.
> --Joop--
> Interim Webmaster
> www.icannatlarge.com
> Sign up and spread the word.
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