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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Bucharest on ICANN reform and NomCom

I was there with Jamie, Ester, Denis and some others.

I am sorry to say, but Jamie is quoting or picking up the portion of the 
lengthy discussion
he thinks to fit, but editing the rest out.

I was puzzled, why he is only accusing the wrong target but not trying to build
trust as a start point. It was the first face-to-face meeting of 
and he just resigned from one of th 7 members of panel because he thought
the rest of the panel, especially the chair and alt-chair was ont doing enough
to make election happen within 90 days mandate. As the alt-chair, I accept
his criticism, but I also want to mention that he should stay to be responsible.


At 11:40 02/06/25 -0400, James Love wrote:
>Esther Dyson wrote:
>>the way you made it was not constructive.
>    What was going on in the at large meeting was that Esther and Denis 
> were giving us the "go with the  Borg" pep talk.  It isn't constructive 
> to disagree with they fundamental positions in the "blueprint" documents. 
> "Constructive" contributions would be to working with the framework on 
> the blueprint, and not object to the basic design.
>    We also received a lecture from Esther about how democracy isn't 
> considered a good thing in many parts of the world.
>    I was asking if elections by the general public were in fact a taboo 
> in the new ICANN blueprint.... seeing the GA "no vote" provision, and the 
> way ICANN was created a "at large structures" that could apparently 
> never vote on anything, I was asking, is ICANN deliberately creating  a 
> system where any expressions of popular are forbidden?
>     Raising this issue, or even asking the question, is "not constructive."
>      Jamie
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