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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Blueprint Passes

I just want to say that I absolutely share Izumi's analysis of the situation
- and I couldn't have explained it so well :-)

I know that what the current Board has been doing in the last years to the
users representation hurts all of us in the very deep of our hearts and our
brains. I know that this is the reason why people that are choosing to take
the dialogue approach, or "let's try hard to get the most we can get from
ICANN in the present situation, even if it is nothing if compared to what we
think we should get", are being accused by others of having "sold their soul
to the devil".

I just want to point out, instead, that this is a very hard choice for any
of us to take, but we must take it. We have to decide whether we want to bet
most of our chances on putting external pressure on ICANN until we get
direct elections and so on, and in the meantime speak words of fire at any
time during ICANN meetings, or whether instead we want to go there, swallow
our disappointment, and try to reestablish a loop of reciprocal trust
between us and the rest of the ICANN community, starting with one damn non
voting seat in the Board and keeping on until we can get more and more
weight. (And by the way, remember that in politics weight is not always
quantitative - often it is based on the aura of respect, friendliness and
credibility that the single persons can build around themselves.)

I am a supporter of this latter policy. If in the next elections the
majority of the members will want to follow the former one, I will not
complain - I will accept this decision and act consequently. But, once for
all, we need to use these elections to understand which path do we want to

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:41:46 +0900, you wrote:

>Anyway, I think the At-Large Advisory Committee idea is
>not in anyway the best or ideal, and since all the details are
>not discussed or showed at all, it is understandable to deny
>this and call for direct representation and participation.
>I would take the same stand if I were in Accra, though. But it
>is also very apparent that the Board clearly rejected the
>direct election approach in Accra. And the ERC in its final report
>and blue print did not even mention the participatory mechanism
>which the Board endorsed in their resolution in Accra.
>With these facts as background, there are two approaches left I think.
>One is still try to engage "inside" ICANN, meaning accepting the majority
>decision (of the Board and of the community there) and behave within the 
>given and make further effort to realize what we think the best.
>Another is go "outside" of ICANN and rally, lobby, target ICANN to change using
>external forces.
>I am, at least for the timing being, still thinking the first approach
>has some value. I may be very wrong. But I am not convinced (yet)
>to take the second approach only. They are not mutually exculsive.
>  If the first approach completely fails, then  I would either take the
>second one or I might simply leave.  I don't know.
>ICANN is not the only game in town for us.
>It is a difficult situation and difficult judgment. I hope those
>who stand with the principle of direct representation and participation
>will not simply deny the other approach who still think direct representation
>and participation is the goal.
>The difference to me is not the goal, but how to reach there.
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