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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [atlarge-panel] action points

> I'll need to get some feedback from Joanna and Elisabeth about

Subject to Elisabeth, my feedback is this:-

The schedule must incorporate the normal 7 day voting period after the
ballot is sent out, as well as adequate time to question candidates once
they have accepted their nomination formally.

I would suggest adjustments to the schedule as follows:-

Monday July 1 (or as soon as practicable therafter, see note* below)
Official announce sent to the current membership.
Timeline: 14 days for:-
Nominations to be made, Endorsements to be received and Candidate

Monday July 15
Official slate of Candidates published.
Timeline: 7 days for:-
Statements of candidates to be published on Website.
Q & A of Candidates to take place on mailing list and/ or on Website.

Close Voting Register? (date fixed by Elisabeth)

Monday July 22
Ballots sent to all voters through Announce List.
Timeline: 7 days for Voting

Monday July 29th
Voting closes.

Results announced as soon as possible thereafter, usually 24-48 hours.

* Announcement that Election has started must include complete information
about the Election - number of those to be elected, mission, names of
Watchdogs and so on, all published on Website and circulated to both Panel
members and Watchdogs in advance of Announce being made. This has not yet
been done (to my knowledge).



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