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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Debate

Jefsey and all stakeholders of interested parties,

J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

> On 10:11 01/07/02, Jeff Williams said:
> >I think you are displaying your open wounds from you bad experience under
> >fire in the IDNO here with the ICANNATLARGE.COM members.
> Let keep cool, please.

  I thought and intended that my comment (See just above) was "Keeping cool"
and intended to aid Joop in doing so in the post of his that my response
(Just above) was made.  I am sorry, Jefsey that you seem here to
have interpreted this comment/remark in some other way..

> The IDNO and ICANNATLARGE.COM were/are bound to be a
> failure, but this is not the fault of Joop.

  Exactly right to a degree.  Joop certainly is not/was not responsible
alone for the failure of the IDNO or ICANNATLARGE.COM...
But he has/is paying/ed a significant role in such...

> This is our shared fault a) to
> believe that the ICANN is something of interest b) to abide by Joe's rules
> and not to set our own rules. I accept that Joop has helped it a lot in
> dreaming to be part of the "leading team" but I can also testify that Joop
> has had some occasions where he could have reversed the trend of the events
> in his favor, both at IDNO and at ICANNATLARGE and he was fairly decent in
> not doing it.

  I would say that the term "Decent" here does not honestly apply...

> We all are human being with our good and bad aspects. Our
> problem is that we only unite to fight a disease (ICANN) rather than to
> build together.

  We [INEGroup] do both.  We have worked hard together to build
our organization, and are still doing so, and also stand tall where and
when we can against things or ideologies that are not broadly
shared amongst our members and/or other stakeholders that
such ideologies negatively impact them unnecessarily.  We shall continue
to do so.  So in the endeavors of human experience, working together
to build are many and existing such as ours.

> The day we understand and accept that,  we will be a real
> force and ICANN a past thing. In the meanwhile the ICANN is the leading
> monster which came from gold and outerspace.  jfc
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