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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [atlarge-panel] draft election charter

Thank you Vittorio.

I support this.

I agree with Jamie, though, that we should not call the next panel an
"Interim" panel, because (a) 12 months is not all that interim; but more
imposrtantly because (b) the term Interim Panel makes us seem temporary
and provisional, and I think in our dealings with the media and other
organisations we should give the correct impression that our panel (or I
would prefer the term "executive") is a stable, serious and established
authority. Given that our use of democratic representation is prophetic
for the way we want ICANN and the Internet to be administered, I think
we should project this democratic achievement with something more
authoritative than the term "interim".

But many thanks for getting this drafted and I'm SO pleased that we are
moving forward - and as Izumi says, we are united in this desire to achieve
democracy and user representation and accountability.

It is a "sign" and a "prophecy" of what CAN be, and it shames ICANN, and
our whole membership should feel proud to be in at the beginning of
really significant. Don't be discouraged or put down. This really IS only a
beginning, but if we remain true to OUR agenda (whatever ICANN's agenda
or anyone else's may be) then there is a true ideal to be fought for here.

The ideal of a worldwide community of internet users, joining together
the barriers that exist, and growing as a true democracy with the desire of
protecting the Internet (our shared worldwide resource) and determining its
future not for the sake of vested interests, but for the sake of all the
people who could build this Internet into a world-changing force for good.

This Internet can be a means for breaking down misunderstanding. This
can be a means for disseminating information and defending freedoms. This
Internet can create wealth for new economies. This Internet can stand for a
kind of world built on communication and co-operation.

It is pivotal that this Internet is administered by the people who really
"own" it,
and that this administration is accountable and representative.

Our organisation is moving further along the road of democratic
as a sign to ICANN and others that such things actually do happen. We can
a pivotal influence if we just keep going, and asserting the democratic
right of
representation and self-determination, and grow in numbers (we've hardly
the surface) and broaden our vision.

This is an organisation which can be relevant to millions of people all over
the world,
and as Izumi says, we can unite in this, and realise that small arguments
variations of view will not stop a movement that can gain momentum and

Thank you to every member : your participation is a statement of democracy
and an
act of idealism!

Richard Henderson

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Subject: [atlarge-panel] draft election charter

This is a draft of the election charter. I'd like to call a vote on it in 24
hours so that we can publish it by Thursday or Friday - so please send your
comments in as soon as possible. I've taken the last draft of the last
election charter and amended it where relevant - I hope there's nothing
controversial in it but feel free to comment. We might perhaps approve it
while giving powers to Joanna for some slight later amendments to it
whenever necessary - ie moving dates 1-2 days back or forward or adding
another watchdog (I'd really like to have a second one, perhaps Joanna
should ask Alexander Svensson or Bret Fausett, Joanna what do you think
about it?)


Given the fact that the deadline for the current interim panel of
icannatlarge.com is approaching, a new election for a longer term panel for
the icannatlarge.com effort is now starting.

The purpose is to select a group of members that represent different
views, cultures and geographical areas inside the At Large movement,
have some technical and organizational skills, and are willing to
devote a significant amount of their time to this effort in the next
12 months.


The panel shall be composed of seven members of the icannatlarge.com

The mandate of the panel will be that of running the organization in all its
aspects, including but not limited to:

1. guiding an outreach campaign so that the highest possible number of
active users of the Internet who might want to participate in ICANN
are informed of the effort and can register on icannatlarge.com if
they wish, and that the membership grows to a point where it can be
considered sufficiently representative of such users;

2. continuing the public and open discussion of Bylaws for a new At Large
Membership organization, trying to gather consensus, consider all inputs,
unify all efforts, and put together in the shortest possible amount of time
one or more proposals of Bylaws to be then submitted and approved by a
majority vote of the membership, and after such approval, formally
incorporate the organization;

3. defending the role of the public for what related to Internet matters
currently governed by ICANN, and guiding a discussion about whether and how
the organization should take part to the internal processes ICANN will
establish for public input and participation;

4. managing the icannatlarge.com website, directly and/or by
appointing webmasters;

5. managing to hold the election of the next officers of the organization
before the term of the panel expires.

The panel shall expire and conclude its work after twelve months from
its election.


All persons registering on icannatlarge.com before the end of Monday
15 July 2002 (GMT) will be entitled to vote. All voters will receive their
ballot by e-mail at the e-mail address they used when registering to

Those members who want to nominate other members or second nominations
should post a nomination/second message in the "Second Elections" forum on
the website or to the atlarge-discuss mailing list by the end of Monday 15
July 2002 (GMT). To be included in the list of the candidates, nominated
members will have to accept the nomination by posting a message in the same
forum, or by sending an e-mail to the election watchdogs or to the
atlarge-discuss mailing list, before the end of Tuesday 16 July 2002 (GMT).

Candidates will be asked to provide details for a candidate page that
will be set up on the site after finalizing the candidate list. A
public debate about the candidates will be hold in the atlarge-discuss list
and in the "Second Elections" forum of the icannatlarge.com website until
July 20.

Voting will occur between Sunday 21 and Saturday 27 July 2002 (GMT).


Each voter will receive by e-mail a ballot message, which needs to be
completed by adding a X inside the square brackets [ ] near to the name of
the candidates that the voter wants to be endorse, and then to be sent back
to the originating e-mail address. More detailed instructions will be found
in the ballot message - we recommend all voters to read it carefully.

Each voter will be allowed to endorse up to three names taken from
the list of the candidates. Voters should support all candidates that
seem best fit to the position, so that those who seem suitable to most
members will be chosen. Overall results will not be made visible to
voters before the booth is closed.

The seven candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be
elected, provided that they have received at least 15 votes; if there
are not seven candidates above this threshold, the number of members
of the panel will be reduced accordingly.

Ties (if any) will be solved by ordering names by the number of
candidates of the same ICANN Region that received more votes than the tied
ones (the lowest first, so to help diversity among regions), then the same
by country.

The voting system will be kindly provided by the DNSO Secretariat - so the
current panel wants to thank Elisabeth Porteneuve for this. Elections will
be overviewed by the following watchdogs (whom also we want to thank):

Joanna Lane <jo-uk@rcn.com>


The panel will choose, by majority vote, a Chair, with the role of
coordinating the discussion and the meetings. If agreement on a Chair
cannot be reached after seven days from the election, the candidate
that received the highest number of votes will be the Chair.

All decisions in the panel will be taken by explicit online vote on
the panel mailing list, called by the Chair and lasting at least two
days (unless a final result is reached before). Decisions will by
taken by majority of the non-abstaining votes expressed, provided that
at least five members of the panel expressed a vote.

If any of the seven seats in the panel becomes vacant (ie because of
resignation, lack of suitable candidates...) it will be filled by the
first non elected candidate from the original election, provided that
he received at least 15 votes. If no suitable candidates are available
from the original election, and the number of remaining members in the
panel is lower than five, a new election will be held to fill the
vacant seat.
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