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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Last Time: Jeff Williams no credibility FAQ

At 02:11 PM 31/07/02 -0400, Brian Mulroney wrote:

So for the very last time, I post my evidence that
he is a fraud.  You may want to refer to this post
in the future if he starts to act up again.  These
are some old and some new pieces of evidence.
Brian, despite the fact I didn't vote for you, either
for Prime Minister, or as a real person, I think that's
a very good idea. Perhaps a weekly posting of a Jeff
Williams FAQ wherever one finds him. I'm thinking
of putting up a webpage of it and adding it as my .sig.
If Jeff can have one, so can I. :)

Using MapQuest: Notice there are no buildings
at the address 5 E. Kirkwood, Grapevine,TX
I am awaiting a response from Ross Wm. Rader of TuCows,
an ICANN registrar, regarding whether he still has the
scenic photos available of his trip to Jeff's hangout.
Like most FAQ's, it should be a work in progress. -g

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