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[atlarge-discuss] Last Time: Jeff Williams no credibility FAQ

Hello Brian:

Thank you for the following information.  Please find below some additional claims he has made recently regarding his exploits:

1.  worked at CMA (an IT consulting firm) developing management prinicpals (his spelling not mine)
2.  worked for the United States government on a program called Krypto (must be top secret because a Google search reveals only that it was the dog companion of Superboy)
3.  worked for Systems Administration, Networking, and Security Institute (sans.org) on BIND security
4.  worked for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
5.  worked for the Vietnam Veterans Association
6.  worked for the Dallas Businessmen's Association (a Google search revealed no such organization)
7.  worked for the United States Department of Defense as a project coordinator on the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET)
8.  worked for the World Trade Organization on General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
9.  worked on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Wow.  Kind of makes my life seem puny and insignificant.


Micheal Sherrill

People, if we want this group to be taken seriously, we have to have good, 
educated and experienced people.  Jeff Williams does not add to the 
discussion and his lack of credibility drags us all down. 

So for the very last time, I post my evidence that he is a fraud.  You may 
want to refer to this post in the future if he starts to act up again.   
These are some old and some new pieces of evidence. 

Jeff Williams FAQ: 

Why is there no web site for an organization with 124,000 people? 
Because it doesn't exist. 

The first phone number he lists in his sig file, 972-244-3801, is "out of 

Grapevine, TX Chamber of Commerce has no record of INEG Group (I telephoned 

Jeff Williams FAQs from other lists. 

Jeff Williams claiming to be a lawyer 

German article on imposters (Jeff Williams). 

Non-existence of INEG 

Using MapQuest: Notice there are no buildings at the address 5 E. 
Kirkwood, Grapevine,TX (look at aerial view) - just a dirt farm 

And that's that.

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