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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: Call for New Webmaster, ICANNatlarge votingreminder

Joop Teernstra wrote:
At 01:13 p.m. 31/07/2002 -0400, James Love wrote:


1. do you have some special right to mail directly to the membership that no one else has?

Not a special right, a special duty, now there is nobody else to make this necessary posting. Do you have an issue with the content?
What is the difference between a special right and a special duty? What if other members of ICANNatlarge.com decide they have a duty to share something? Should they be able to spam the membership? Who decides?

The content was nothing special, but that is not the point. I get a lot of mail every day, and I don't expect to get spammed from icannatarge.

>> 2. What is news@icannatlarge.com ?
An updated Icannatlarge announce list to which the Chair of the new Panel will get the key. The new webmaster will have to keep this list updated.
I don't think it is your job to create new announce lists for icannatlarge, even if you think you have something important to share.

3. Do you intent to choose your own replacement, or will you allow the elected panel to do this?

The elected Panel must bear the responsibility , or they can let the whole membership endorse their choice.
Please note that I am asking volunteers to publicly post their application so that there will be no back room deals. Is that perhaps what upsets you and Sotiris?
What exactly do you mean by back room deals? Don't be so coy if you have something to say, particularly in a message addressed to me.

What my complaint has been is that you were running the web page like your personal web page. Now we have Joop's personal announce list. I don't think this shows much judgement as to how one builds a membership organization. Next time you want to spam the membership, ask the panel if they think its ok, first.

Post whatever you want on the discuss list or in the web page forums, where everyone else posts. You might even explain what big issues you think there are in terms of the web page management. Has there been even one request for things on the web page that you found unreasonable? I ask since several things were just not done.

With regards to my involvement in the handover: I think friendly cooperation between the out-going and incoming webmaster and a smooth transition is in the icannatlarge's best interest.
I'm sure that letting the elected panel do this is in the best interest of building something that is based upon democracy. VB has not done much in terms of running the voting process, so he has to share the blame in not nailing down the official requests for you to do things, but it really should not take so much effort for such basic stuff.

Maybe you can let the election finish before turning this into a circus.


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