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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Gary Osbourne and company Faq pages pending...

At 08:06 PM 31/07/02 -0700, Jeff Williams wrote:

If any or all of these folks try to sue me or one
of our members for doing so, we, as always, await
their service...
I had to pull this one out of my JW bozofilter
after I was alerted to it by someone who does't
yet know that JW should be automatically
redirected to /dev/null. Geez, it is starting to
smell in there. Anyone got a steam cleaner?

I'm not going to sue you Jeff, you have no money
beyond the allowance your mother gives you once
a month that barely covers your dialup access.
You are safe, sleep soundly tonight, you and the
125 thousand voices in your head, poor lad. -g

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