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RE: [atlarge-discuss] The ICANN game

Micheal Sherrill wrote

>The ICANN game has gone long enough.  Several years of dancing to their
music is sufficient.

A difference in perspective, I guess.  I spent 24 years in uniform, during
most of which we were staring down the Soviet Union.  After many years eye
to eye, they finally blinked, and their corrupt regime fell.  Although its
replacement is far from perfect, it is far preferrable to its predecessor!

I view this battle as very much the same kind of thing. I don't plan to
blink in this case either!  I'm in it for the long haul.  Unless you have
another world to go to, I'd suggest you not give up the battle so easily
either!  ICANN *wants* us feeling cut off and rejected, and willing to break
off the conversation with them -- a conversation that, I might add, they
don't want in the first place!  Ending the conversation is what they *want!*
Keeping it going thwarts their aims.  As I've said before, I don't feel it
is a coincidence that the AOLC process started up shortly after we began to
self-organize.  We should be flattered that they fear our independant
efforts so much that they'd begin orgainizing in competition with us!  It
probably irks them to no end that several of their AOLC members in fact
belong to our group as well, and are trying to steer the conversation
*there* too!  We need to keep that effort up as long as they allow us to.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. showed us the way.  By continuing to come
back to the table despite *knowing* their ill intent, we hold the moral high
ground.   It is important that, in all our dealings with them, that remain
our position.  We do so by not compromising the concensus of our members
(once they make it clear!), and continuing the conversation on *our* terms.
If we start this way, it will be second nature by the time we have grown in
sufficient numbers to get ther full attention!

Last message for the night, folks (I can visualize the cheering!). :)   It's
already well past bed time.  I'll try and catch up tomorrow, as time allows,
and drop them on you after class tomorrow night.  Cheers!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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