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Re: [atlarge-discuss] tone of debate...


The current Milquetoast At-Large strategy has accomplished absolutely nothing 
except the total and complete loss of all At-Large director seats.  All the 
mild-mannered, timid, meek, and unassertive exchanges between At-Large 
"advocates" and the Board have cemented ICANN's belief that they can readily 
crush the spineless At-Large movement.

This is not a time for politeness with ICANN staff.  This is a time for 
down-and-dirty in-your-face confrontation.  Either you stand up and fight 
loudly for your principles or you let them walk all over you.  ICANN is an 
organization that only that will only change its mind when its back is up 
against the wall, and when it is facing a united front of opposition so 
furious that tensions spill over into the aisles.  

Aggressive language is exactly what is called for at this point.  Your 
tactics of "make nice" will be the death of the At-Large.

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