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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Applied lingusitics RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: First Things First

Judyth wrote:

>Personally, I don't see how we can possibly achieve that unless we are
willing to insist that every citizen of the  world who uses the 'Net >now or
will do so in the future knows how to become part of an organization which
work hard on outreach, ongoing analysis of the issues, and >whatever
lobbying it takes to ensure that there is a counterweight to the lobbying by
vested interests.

I agree.  That's what I hope everyone here is try to make happen.

>My big question is:
>How do we do that within the constraints imposed?

That we're organizing outside of ICANN give us the advantage of being able
to build our processes properly.  With little or no disadvantage since they
booted us out anyway!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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