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Re: [atlarge-discuss] tone of debate...

Regardless of the specifics of this thread, I believe we should try to raise the tone of debate.

Rude and aggressive language usually just hurts the person making the comments as well as the forum in which it is issued. It usually generates sympathy for the target of the attack. (It is also just plain rude!)

In at least one instance an ICANN staff person sent me provocative Emails, perhaps in the hope that I would respond in anger and thereby discredit myself. I saw something similar happen to Karl Auerbach. Anger is self-destructive, and people have been known to try to catalyze others' self-destruction...

In my opinion, the recent explosion of annoyance against the managers of the ALOC has demeaned this forum.

It was also rude (especially to Denise.)

I hope that we can conduct ourselves well in the future.


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