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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: Call for New Webmaster,ICANNatlarge voting reminder

> From: Joop Teernstra [mailto:terastra@terabytz.co.nz]
> Not a special right, a special duty, now there is nobody else to
> make this
> necessary posting. Do you have an issue with the content?

First, I am very surprised that as supporter of democratic principles, you
decided unilaterally to do an end run around an elected Committee and
communicate directly with the membership. If you really cannot tolerate
webmaster duties any longer, then just decide on a date that gives a
reasonable amount of notice to the Committee to find a replacement after the
election and send them a note. Then it's their problem, not yours.

Second, I do have an issue with the content you sent, which was the
equivalent of trying to recruit a building contractor before the architect
has drawn up the plans.

What we really need is  Terms of Reference for the Committee to move the
process forward expediently as soon as elected, but in a proper,
professional manner. Something along the lines of:-

TERMS OF REFERENCE for The Executive Committee to develop a Corporate
Identity for the Organization known as ICANNATLARGE.COM (working title).

The Design Brief

Problem Situation
The problem situation is the basis for the design brief and any subsequent
design activity. The Executive Committee will prepare a clear articulation
of the problem situation in advance of soliciting interest from the
membership for prospective designers and/ or replacement webmaster. This is
essential if the correct problem is to be identified and an appropriate
solution found.

The Committee will develop a brief statement that explicitly describes the
situation that has caused or created this problem or opportunity. Note that
the problem/opportunity need not be stated in this description. The purpose
here is to set the stage for the problem. This statement will usually be
more general in nature. The "problem situation" will be developed from
discussions with the membership and current webmaster or may already be
known to the Committee.

The Committee will describe the criteria and conditions that will affect the
solution. These, along with the previous statement will form part of the
design brief.

The main considerations are:

What is to be done? A sentence or two is needed to describe in general terms
what the Committee intends to do. This will include a general statement
about the nature and extent of job it is expected that the website/ forum
and email lists will have to perform for the organization, as well as
procedural issues or practices that may need to be developed. These
procedural issues would include the Committee's decisions about how the
selection of organization name and webmaster is to be made, and so on. This
Committee will identify decisions that are to be ratified by the Membership,
and those that may be made by the Committee following a period of
consultation, with or without further consultation with the membership.

Specifications and Limitations. This is a list of specific criteria that
apply to any solution. It could include technical specifications,
limitations in size, cost, where the website and email lists can be hosted,
etc. Any general criteria that impose limitations on any solution should go
here. Typically these criteria are resource based or imposed from some
external source, such as a legal requirement.

Wish List. These are elements to be incorporated into the solution if
possible that the Committee will identify through consultation with the

The Problem Statement
 After the initial analysis and documentation for the Problem Situation, a
specific problem needs to be identified. The problem should be stated in one
sentence. The problem may have sub-elements that need to be worked out, but
the major problem should be clear and explicit. Note that the solution will
then have several components.

The Designer's Task
 The Committee will identify what the designer and webmaster is expected to
do (and not do). It will provide a schedule of things to be done, a list of
things to be delivered as part of the webmaster's job, with deadlines for
delivery. This protects everyone involved.

What the Successful Design Will Do
 This is a description of what the solution will accomplish. It could
indicate how well the solution is expected to work or under what conditions
it will work.



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