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[atlarge-discuss] RE: From [atlarge-panel] 006 Deciding Name - ResolutionandRecommendation to Members

excessive ccs deleted.

> All stakeholders or other interested parties and members,
>   Recently, in fact yesterday, and resolution for the new name/DN for
> our organization in a resolution format has been proposed.
> See: http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-panel/0208/msg00224.html
>   As a member, I have a couple of questions.  They are as follows:
>   When will this resolution be available to be voted upon by the
> members?

Please feel free to go ahead and set something up on the website to that
effect now. This is a bottom up organization. You don't need permission.
Just do it. The Panel has too much to do to dwell on this issue, and after
10 days discussion, if the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily within
the next few days, I guess it will be dropped and we will move forward with
what we have.

>   Cannot such resolutions also be proposed by the members?
> If the Panel objects to such resolutions, what is the basis for
> such and objection?

There aren't any objections so far as I am aware. We are working in an
atmosphere of friendly cooperation.


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