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[atlarge-discuss] Re: From [atlarge-panel] 006 Deciding Name - Resolution andRecommendation to Members

Joanna and all stakeholders or other interested parties,

Joanna Lane wrote:

> excessive ccs deleted.

  The CC's were not excessive in that they were to some of the
panel members.  Hence I am re-adding them for their input
to the queries I originally posted on this thread response...

> > All stakeholders or other interested parties and members,
> >
> >   Recently, in fact yesterday, and resolution for the new name/DN for
> > our organization in a resolution format has been proposed.
> > See: http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-panel/0208/msg00224.html
> >
> >   As a member, I have a couple of questions.  They are as follows:
> >
> >   When will this resolution be available to be voted upon by the
> > members?
> Jeff,
> Please feel free to go ahead and set something up on the website to that
> effect now.

  I do not have the Keys to the Web site to effect such, Joanna.

  Why would such need to be on the Web site?

> This is a bottom up organization. You don't need permission.
> Just do it. The Panel has too much to do to dwell on this issue, and after
> 10 days discussion, if the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily within
> the next few days, I guess it will be dropped and we will move forward with
> what we have.

  Well ok that's fine as well...  But not very democratic nor shows
very good leadership either...  What seems to be one the more important
matters, that being a new name/DN for this organization, seems from your
comment above, to be less so...  Yet you proposed this potential
resolution.  Seems a bit odd don't you think?  Again see:
http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-panel/0208/msg00224.html  .  Might I
respectfully suggest that staying focused on this amongst other
central issues of this organization be your guide...

> >
> >   Cannot such resolutions also be proposed by the members?
> > If the Panel objects to such resolutions, what is the basis for
> > such and objection?
> There aren't any objections so far as I am aware. We are working in an
> atmosphere of friendly cooperation.

  Ok that's good!  >;)  Cooperation in both directions is a necessary
element to success...

> Regards,
> Joanna
> >
> >


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