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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [atlarge-panel] 006 Deciding Name - Resolution and Recommendation to Members

On 20:19 19/08/02, Joanna Lane said:
My mission is to try to hold this together and there is no way I can do that if you alienate half the membership by the choice of name.
Dear Joanna and Michael,
we have no other name that @large :-) The rest is detail.
it is like wanting to say that we are going to call the crowd "the sharks" and the people "the warriors".
They are the crowd, they are the people.

I fully understand that the English language miss the term to describe what we do, or may be is too exact about it :-) French "concertation" means "an organized concerted way". Hardly the ENglish meaning, hence my "concertance" wording to express this when applied to "governance" and opposed to "dominance".

We have to help people from all over the world and from all the concerns to aggregate their efforts when needed, about ICANN, aboutIETF, about alt(sic)roots, about ITU, about ccTLDs, about Govs etc...

Michael and Hans wants to use it on the ICANN. God bless and lethave YJ and Eric and Vivek endorsed by 200 Members atthe DNSO/GA.

I want to push with Richard on local issues. Please help us to have 1000 meetups.

YJ wants to conference calls. On day let organize a huge conference call for the planet, in the Guiness book to show the Internetis far more efficient than the NC to revenge her!

Joey wants to develop the friend@large - let support his effort to proect the people from the Digital Exposure.

Judith, Jeff, Joey and all of us wants to protects the kids from the Stakhodlers: let contact UNIESCO and propose through the WSIS an article on the Man's e-rights.

We do not need a name. We have one for a long the other try to steal from us.
We only need domain names for a site we delay....

Make it crowd@large, panel@large, joanna@large, but let move !

BTW I am going to add a counter in http://icannatlarge.org

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