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[atlarge-discuss] conference call

Dear Panelists,
For reasons I gave to everyone I will not share in the today conference call.

1. I am fighting this system as inapropriate to the "crowd" oriented Internet nature everywhere, this is not to use it in my own organization. IMHO it is an outdated, inherently biased, innovation freezing, etc. system. We are looking for money, budget, incorporation - what may cost $ 9 for a DN, $ 30 to incporate and $ 60 a year to host. I do not accept that we may plan to collectively spend $ 4000 this year with AT&T. What may represent several years of salary for certain of our members.

2. this is absolutely not an antagonism to the Chair nor to YJ Park who initiated the project. But if I want to give a chance to this project to survive I think I must be inflexible about everything which may block it.

3. I therefore ask the Chair to read the above paragraph 1 and 2 to explain my position and why I do not participate. So it is registered and in the records.

4. I would striogly object if any vote was taken under the pressure of such a system. Should one be taken I ask Richard Henderson to represent me, and you to accept his vote on my behalf.

5. On the current issues:

- I do not understand anything to the discusion about a name which confuses/delays everything.

We only need names to incorporate a secretariat for the @large and for a site.
The name for the secretariat is part of the WG-INC job.
Establishing links to the site under all the possible alias denominations is the job of WG-WEB

- I see that all this has made the list lose momentum and a lot of energy wasted.

I call for a clear definition of the panel as a catalyst for the movement development no more.
A clear netiquette of the movement to be progressively worked out as policy statements
Simple working procedures to be established and the necessary tools (wiki+) developped
Examples are under http://icannatlarge.org

- I see an opportunity to recover the momentum, perform outreach and support Hans, Michael, Jamies efforts IRT ICANN and ERC through a triple candicacy of YJ, Eric and Vivek (to clearly show we do not seek a lost victory but to use a plateform and demonstrate the inadequacy of a system where the least endorsed person will get elected).

Thank you and have fun.

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