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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Why do users need a place at the table?

At 08:26 20/08/02, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
If on the other hand "user" means "an individual who has registered a domain name", then the picture is quite clear to me - they need representation and they need it now. I think I have some reading to do this weekend" ;)
Any thoughts on this commentary?
I am afraid - however Ross wrote it - this is a total lack of understanding of the Internet. Period.

Among many other things: please read 47 USC 230 (f)(1) to get a definition of the Internet. This definition is *content* oriented (was intrdocued for a law about kid protection). The first and main concerned are the users. And the most far users: the kids.

Users as described by Ross are the basis of the legitimacy of the legal creation of ICANN. MoU only translates that. May I add that the 47 USC 230 (f)(1) definition claims to be universal and to span boarders and technologies. To be legitimate it is to work as an "open treaty". Any restriction imposed by ICANN to the initial terms is a violation

Technically the "@" only means that the nthLD labels before the "@" are to be resolved by the server and not by the DNS name server. But there is no intrinsic difference in nature between ross.byte.org and ross@byte.org. May be to make sure of this Ross might look at the SOA line in db.byte.org. Everyone having a mail address has an internet name. (It would help a lot if we started to use simple common sense langague and use "internet mames" instead of domain names, e-mail names etc..)


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