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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Report to the ERC


One point you should understand about these advisory committees is that it
was not within our ability to propose solutions outside the boundaries of
the Blueprint for Reform. At least in the names policy process group, we
were expressly told that we were to assist the ERC with drafting the details
of the Blueprint's plan, but not to deviate from the path specified in the
Blueprint. At the same time, we were also told that we were free to advocate
different solutions -- even contrary solutions -- on our own in other fora.
So to the extent that you have a problem with the broad ideas in these
drafts, your beef is with the Board and the Blueprint. In spite of the
limitations placed on us, I personally thought it was worthwhile to work on
the implementation details and make them better. I'm assuming that the At
Large group was working under the same constraints.

     -- Bret


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