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[atlarge-discuss] Re: Stability/Outreach/membership

Whoa there gents,

Stability comes from agility.  The most important aspect of our system that we
build is that it can have orderly and appropriate mechanisms for change and that
there are enforcement mechanisms to assure these are followed to the letter, or
properly changed.

It is the procedure of amendments and insuring inclusiveness that must be first
organized prior to any "ONLY"
being implemented.  We must be an organization of laws and not [wo]man and adhere
to that.
Do not set up for no alternative now.  Set up a system that procedurally and
representatively allows for an alternative later with stability and propriety and

I suggest we look not to individuals at this time or necessarily even regions but
to establishing some basic netizen rights that will ensure the inclusion in which
you speak.  How can we foresee all of the possible situations that must eventually
arise.  To do what you two suggest; the best way is to establish a Bill of Rights,

so that we may stand on principle rather than the shifting sands of current world
and technical conditions.
There are many places where these have been published in varying degrees.
(ps. I am never wrong because I can always change what I meant;-})
Joey Borda **star*walker** wrote:

> [Continued from Part 1]
> >We have 1000 members. IMHO anything we do which centralizes, looks top
> >down, etc. we lose them. The only solution I think - but I may be wrong -
> >to keep our momentum and develop is neither to be bottom up or top down,
> >itis to be TOGETHER.
> As I see things so far this is the ONLY way we can sustain AND BUILD
> interest, enthusiasm and momentum!
> Yes, I always allow that I may be wrong too. However, I do not see any
> alternative to Jefsey's proposal that will not within quick time result in
> the very thing we are now opposing.


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