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Re: [atlarge-discuss] comments welcome [Joey breaks his silence]

Dear Joey;
thank you for your kind words. We have actually the same thinking below. I should have put deocracy between quotes. They had no idea about what they did. They just tried to make what was just and efficient, in their own way. To mimicking the solutions they opposed as many had done before. They went progressively as you note it.

Our situation is the same. We are people made to suffer by ICANN invaders. We want to be efficient against them, in our own way because this is the one we want to defend. The Brits told the Insurgents they had to obey the rule of their world as ICANN asks us to obey the rules of the ICANN community. We are not opposed: it is just that they are not ours. Franklin was good pal with Louis XVI and both suffered from pseudo activits. The real thing is a job must be done; let do it seriously so we can protect our's and others' fun.

We are the crowds of the world. We are a little bit organized. Like Volunteers. These are the @large.

On 18:57 22/08/02, Joey Borda **star*walker** said:
3/ prgamatic coherence. If we are serious about gathering 100.000 people we can only do it adopting from the very begining a culture able to match this challenge. Since everyone knows about the US History: did they elected Franklin King to be able to dialog with Louis XVI and get a treaty, arms and troops. Did they made Washington a King to fight the Royal Infantry? They could hav though thy would adapt and become democrats afterward? One has to realize that democracy was very very new to them. Actually they innovated it, and many people copied.

Being American and somewhat familiar with our early history, I prefer to think of our founding fathers and mothers as discovering “democracy;” and discovering it in the face of what they knew, with greater certainty, that they DID NOT want, namely everything that had come before.

Their steps were always tentative, fearful and hesitant. It was in the face of King George and his collection of sycophantic oligarchs determination to bring the colonies to heal that forced the colonists to surmount their fear of the great unknown that has since come to be called American democracy.

They also never went further than compelled to, and therewith never enfranchised women, slaves and the landless!

In the most real sense they had absolutely no idea WHAT they were doing. They only knew they had come to treasure and value above all their relative independence from the “old” world and were not going to surrender that.

Quite far apart from our modern notions of democracy they made sure, through landed aristocratic forms to structure a constitution creating a balance of power among competing landed and money interests -- a “representative” democracy, one intended to protect themselves from direct or “majority-will” democracy.

I am sure we also want to protect the stability, security of the network against ignorance of wild users or hackers. It takes time to discover the proper balances.

Even as modest an effort at democracy that it was it nevertheless led de Tocqueville (sp?) to mournfully wonder about the potential tyranny of the majority attendant to it.

The Imperial Republic is still a nickname for the USA :-)

Today we face the same problem, mignified by technology and fear. The democratic tyranny is probably the main problem of our time: the "digital exposure", everyone knowing everything on everyone (wrong records included) without memory failure. No one can forget, no one is permitted to forgive. 6 billions of Big Brothers. "The inferno are the others" (Sartre)

The Bill of Rights amending the Constitution even before it’s adoption meant to address those concerns, and have in modern times become the only meaningful part of the constitution, leaving the product of the rest of the Constitution in de facto corruption, virtually absent of all democratic meaning.

Glad to see that a French analysis helped :-) 
But I am not Tocqueville !

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