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[atlarge-discuss] WG - Registrar idea

I'm toying with the idea of seeking ICANN accreditation for a new Registrar
company called Integrity Domains.

The process I have in mind is to gather together a Working Group (Integrity
Working Group) to plan the ethos and distinctive features of a new kind of
registrar, as well as setting out the strategy for achieving accreditation
and operating as a viable company.

To make clear, I am not interested in a project aimed at making lots of
money. My starting point is that Domain Names should be available and
accessible and transferable and manageable for millions of ordinary internet
users, and the central goal of Integrity Domains would be to SERVE the user
community - with total openness, responsiveness, and reasonable costs.

As a secondary goal, my concept is that a portion (20%?) of all revenue
would be set aside to support the poorest communities with equipment,
technology, software, website hosting, domains etc to play a responsible
role in combatting globalisation and addressing the serious problems of the
digital divide... and that we would work to understand and raise awareness
about these issues.

Furthermore, I think such a company would have a role in disseminating
information about ICANN, the industry, and new initiatives (including
alternative roots, Wi-Fi etc, community networks etc). We would try to
establish the closest relationships with the At Large community and put the
emphasis on ordinary people at the heart of ICANN - and attempts at
standards of human decency (not saying that there aren't already some very
decent registrars - there are).

Integrity Domains would attract consumers who want to "feel safe" about
their domains, who want transparency, and who want the registrar to truly
serve the customer, without an overriding profit motive.

I envisage that this concept would work best if it was run by a group of
people who had convictions about what needs reforming arising from
experiences of ICANN etc. Maybe 6 to a dozen individuals, some with small
financial stakes, some with none.

If you would like to comment on this tentative idea, feel free to mail me at
the Internet Challenge - richard@theinternetchallenge.com

This may be an insane idea - but what have I got to lose at this stage
except pride?


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