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Re: [atlarge-discuss] 003 WG-WEB.mailinglists

Sotiris and all stakeholders or other interested parties and members,

Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

> Jeff Williams wrote:
> >   Setting up a sublist mailing list is about a 1hr task once you have downloaded
> >
> > Majordomo, which is free.
> Unfortunately, majordomo does not provide a web archive facility, for that you have
> to use either mailman, Mhonarc, hypermail etc.

  THat's true!  However there are many free tools that work in concert with
Majordomo that will provide such a archive.  Some such as the one Verisign
uses even has a searchable archive facility that can be installed in concert
with Majordomo...

> Sincerely,
> Sotiris Sotiropoulos


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