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[atlarge-discuss] RE: From Politech: European Commission-funded paper likes open source for .gov

Jeff Williams wrote:

>Subject:  FC: European Commission-funded paper likes open source for
> .gov

Yeah, I read about this.  I've been a big fan of the open source movement,
but at a distance: until it needs to be someting I need to know for my job
I'm not in a hurry to learn it.  I see Linux partucularly as being in the
same level of development as DOS/Windows 3.X, i.e.: a GUI running over a
real-mode operating system, and you still have to deal way too much with the
conmmand-line interface to do anything.  Sorry!  Been there!  Don't want to
go back!  When It's mature enought to load device drivers and make deep
system changes from within the GUI, then I'll play.

But I'm a fan of the technology none the less, and if I were in my 20's I'd
be jumping into it with both feet!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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> Subject: From Politech: European Commission-funded paper likes open
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> Bruce and all stakeholders or other interested parties and members,
>   FYI for you here specifically here Bruce.
> ===============  Copy from Politech follows =============
> Subject:  FC: European Commission-funded paper likes open source for
> .gov
>    Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 02:22:54 -0400
>    From: Declan McCullagh <declan@well.com>
>      To:  politech@politechbot.com
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> Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:24:58 +0200
> To: declan@well.com
> From: Maurice Wessling <maurice@bof.nl>
> Subject: open source for governments
> Declan,
> The  Politech readers might be interested in this report on Open
> Source software by the University of Maastricht in Netherlands. The
> research
> is funded by the European Commission.
> The report recommends governments to use Open Source software in
> order to cut costs, maintain access to public data and provide security
> of
> private data.
> http://www.infonomics.nl/FLOSS/report/
> Maurice Wessling
> ============  End of copy from Politech =============
> Regards,
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