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Jefsey and all assembly members, stakeholders, or other interested

  Many of us that have been around from the beginning know full well
that the constituency model for the DNSO has been purposefully skewed
and manipulated for sometime by the ICANN BOD and staff.  The
IDNO was one such example.

  Jefsey is quite right that the BC does not represent and does not
wish to really legitimately represent the "Business Interests"
It is also very true as Jefsey points out that Small Business interests
have been purposefully thwarted membership by the BC with arcane
membership "Rules" and in doing so have skewed the MoU and White

  We [INEGroup] members of which quite a number are small business
interests or represent same, are in favor of a Small Business
although somewhat different than what Danny Younger's "SME" that
Jefsey mentions below in his comments.

J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

>  NO WAY!
> --------------
> With respect to the two delegates named by large and small business
> users,
> the Business Constituency has proposed that, since it consists of both
> large and small businesses and business organizations, it could
> reasonably
> be the source of both the large and small business delegates. We note
> that
> there are today no existing "Large" or "Small" Business
> Constituencies,
> just a "Business" Constituency. While we understand that some steps
> have
> been taken to begin organizing a "Small" Business Constituency, we
> also
> note that many of the business organizations that are members of the
> Business Constituency do claim to represent large numbers of both
> large and
> small businesses (both directly and through globally distributed
> association membership). Thus, while we encourage all efforts to
> expand the
> representation of businesses globally, we believe that an appropriate
> and
> practical short-term solution is to allow the existing Business
> Constituency to select two delegates to the Nominating Committee, one
> demonstrably reflecting large business interests and perspectives and
> the
> other those of small businesses. If and when any new constituencies
> are
> recognized by the ICANN Board (which would of course require a showing
> that
> they would adequately represent the interests globally of the entities
> they
> purport to represent), this issue can be revisited.
> -------------
> It would require a showing that the BC adequately represents globally
> the
> interests of the Business entities they purport to represent. It
> certainly
> represents Telcos and sTLDs.
> I have left the BC after two years deonstrating they do not give a dam
> about small businesses. To share in the ERC announced SME
> constituency.
> I suggest that every entrepreneur on the GA and ALSC join forces with
> Danny
> Younger to support the charter of the SME constituency.
> jfc

Jeffrey A. Williams
Spokesman for INEGroup - (Over 127k members/stakeholders strong!)
CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
E-Mail jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com
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