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RE: [atlarge-discuss] AtLarge-discuss Summary 25 Aug - 31 Aug2002

Cordley Coit wrote:

>Apparently I am being terminated from this group without asking. Strange
>if one disagrees or has another way of looking for answers, they have
>problems. Cordley Coit

I was just getting ready to be *really* pissed off until I read 's second

>When I stopped getting the volume I wondered and would have asked why
>when I got an automated reply that I was having problems.

So it was a false alarm.  But it brings up a point that I feel very
stroingly about:

As most everyone knows, one of ICANN's worst behaviors was mysteriously
terminating ALSC list access for users who wrote things unflattering of
them!  They always denied it, but I know that I for one was terminated twice
and had to resubmit my name through the Web site to get back on the list,
losing several days posts each time.  Both events occured immediatly after
posting wotrds I'm sure pissed someone off.  I imagine others got the
similar treatment, and others were banned outright for telling the truth as
they saw it!

This restraint of free speech is a behavior I hope we never see on any list
this organization calls our own.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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