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RE: [atlarge-discuss] 006 Deciding Name...

Joanna Lane wrote:
> Which brings me to a question for Joop. Who receives replies sent to
> >news@icannatlarge.com?

Joop replied:
The best is to create a specific return address that goes to
> two or three appointed Panel members.

In addition to myself as Chair, I propose Richard Henderson and Walter
Schmidt as Watchdogs.

> I can do this.  If someone will pay for CF hosting, I can also make the
> Polling Booth available and give a Panel member an admin account.

We have no fundraising mechanism at this time, so proprietary software is
not an option.

> >Also, can you please include me on the list of those to whom you
> Escrow the
> >member details. In fact, I'd like to see a copy of the current
> list please.
> If this is a Panel decision, yes.

Huh? You cannot expect anybody to agree to Chair an organization of
anonymous members. What is your authority to deny me this request? You are
*not* an elected officer of this organization.


> --Joop

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