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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [atlarge-panel] Efforts since elected

The criteria I used for something being considered as a proposal was a
search of all posts for precisely that word. Nothing came up for you. If, in
error, I have omitted something you consider to be a proposal, then please
repost it with the word Proposal in the subject or body of the text, so we
can all know it has been missed in error.


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> On Mon, 02 Sep 2002 23:37:30 -0400, you wrote:
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> >VITTORIO BERTOLA: 29 posts, most recent August 28th
> >None.
> Excuse me - may I ask what does it take for something to be considered
> a "proposal"? I'm not convinced at all that I am an unpropositive
> person or that I never suggested what the panel should or could do.
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