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Re: [atlarge-discuss] U.S. Will Renew ICANN's Authority

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:53:36 EDT, you wrote:

>The U.S. government will renew a California nonprofit's authority to manage 
>the Internet's global addressing system, a top Commerce Department official 
>said today. 

Oh well - looks like "plan A" will be a complete failure. Now, would anyone
consider working a little more strictly with the present ICANN? This doesn't
mean that we have to stop our efforts - for example, this press release
might simply be a "ballon d'essai" to see how hard reactions are, so we
should definitely react to it with some complaining letter to Ms. Victory -
but this shows even more that the idea of the USG stepping in to grant more
democracy in ICANN is likely to be proven false, as I have been saying for
the last two months.

So, we do have to keep with our plans, but we cannot refuse the fact that
ICANN (unless some very unlikely sudden changes) will still be keeping the
strings of the DNS at least for the next year, and possibly forever.

(Ah - on icannwatch someone said that if the USG won't do it, then we should
ask the ITU. Don't even think at it... the ITU is even more business- and
government-controlled than the present ICANN.)
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