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Re: [atlarge-discuss] : ...on VOTING PROCEDURE

Hans and the Panel -

   ...several initial thoughts

 --- REgards, walts


On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Hans Klein wrote:

> >The motion has now passed with 8 votes in favor from:
   ...we can presume there were only 8 of 11 "present," all of whom voted
in favor. By giving Y/N/A totals, along with a list of those "not
present"/did not vote, all 11 are accounted for, and for every vote.

> >>Electronic voting (voting by email) by the Panel shall be carried
> out as follows:
   ...does this mean all Panel votes will be done this way? I would think
many votes could be resolved (at least more quickly) by a "show" of hands
of those "present" - unless the intent is not to have online meetings?

> >>(e) A motion is carried if the total number of returned ballots is
> at least a quorum of the Board, and the number of affirmative votes
> exceeds the number of negative ones.  A quorum is 60% of the Panel
> (e.g. at least 7 on a Panel of 11.)
   ...therefore, 4 out of 11 could carry-a-motion. If the quorum was
eight, 5 are needed to carry - and in the event of a 4-4 tie, one solution
is to obtain a vote from one of the missing Panel - not a bad thing.

That is:

 7 = a little less than two-thirds
 8 = a little less than three-quarters
 4 = a little more than one-third
 5 = a little less than one-half

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