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[atlarge-discuss] PASSED: motion on VOTING PROCEDURE (fwd)

The Panel has adopted a voting procedure.


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 21:26:40 -0400
To: At Large Panel <atlarge-panel@lists.fitug.de>
From: "Hans Klein" <hans.klein@pubpolicy.gatech.edu>
Subject: [atlarge-panel] PASSED: motion on VOTING PROCEDURE

The motion has now passed with 8 votes in favor from:
        Edmundo Valenti
        Vittorio Bertola
        Michael Geist
        James Love
        Vivek Durai
        Hans Klein
        Bruce Young
        YJ Park



Electronic voting (voting by email) by the Panel shall be carried out as follows:

(a) The making of, seconding of, and voting on motions shall take place on an electronic mailing list to which all Panelists subscribe.

(b) The processes named in (a) above shall be administered by the Secretary. In the absence of a Secretary, the acting Chair shall administer the vote.

(c) When a motion has been made and seconded, the Secretary shall make a determination of the urgency of the matter, shall establish a deadline date for a vote (normally 72 hours), and shall send a ballot form by email to all Panelists. This form must state the motion, name the proposer and seconder thereof, and shall state the date by which the ballot must be returned to the Secretary. The ballot will have provision for entering votes for the motion, against the motion, and for recording abstention.

(d) The returned ballots must be time stamped no later than the deadline date in the time zone of the voter. Voting must be on the ballot form provided by the Secretary. The only exception will be in the event that email has failed, in which case a vote may be made by ordinary mail, by fax, or by telephone. A member who has already voted may change his or her vote, provided that it is done before the deadline.

(e) A motion is carried if the total number of returned ballots is at least a quorum of the Board, and the number of affirmative votes exceeds the number of negative ones. A quorum is 60% of the Panel (e.g. at least 7 on a Panel of 11.)

(f) The Secretary will publish to the Board the outcome and the vote of each member who returned a ballot.

(g) Any Board member may move at any time to modify the deadline set by the Secretary, that is, to move for curtailment or extension of debate. Such a motion, if seconded, has immediate precedence. The Secretary will immediately send out a ballot form on this motion and will set a deadline on it of forty-eight (48) hours from the time of sending the ballot. The forty-eight hours shall be elapsed time at the location of the Secretary.

The following motion has been made by:
and seconded by:

[Insert text of motion here.]

Please return this ballot by
at which time I will count the votes. As always, if there is a definitive result prior to this deadline, I will announce it.

Place your vote below. If you intend to abstain, please mark the "abstain" box, because the total number of votes received by me, including marked abstentions, will determine whether a quorum has voted.

For the motion []

Against the motion []

Abstain []


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