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Re: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

> It pains me greatly but I must pay compliment to TR for running this
> list very effectively.
> Good job for no pay, thank you.
> OTOH, I connected through a dial up at about 33, which I think is a good
> exemplar medium basis for users in the world.  And the web site killed
> me. It is not something you want to bring a developing nation user into.


(Capital letters means shouting - that is why I used them here.)

Eversince the first (and only) ICANN At-Large election required Web access
and the e-mail only netizens were excluded (that means a lot of those in
Cambodia among the few who have Internet accees for e-mail only) I have been
trying to alert people who are happy about their high-speed and broadband access
that many others in the world are happy to get a dialup speed of 33 (or
sometimes less, depending on the technological environment). And the slower things
are, the more phone canrges they cost in many countries, wherewe pay pohne
charges by the minute.

Please, when you reconsider the Web pages, keep us in mind.

I found a nice piece of writing about keeping Web pages low load - if
somebody is interested, I will send it off list.

Norbert (in Cambodia)

> I ain't no prophet or engineer just an ordinary user. But when I close
> my eyes this is not the way the internet is meant to be as far as I can
> see.
> It is difficult to surf and you can go watch the moon rise as it comes
> up.  Heck I do not know but modulation and separation seems like some
> words I have heard.
> Outreach will require ease of use.  Unless you want to expand the
> digital divide.  When you build a site that is only good for the latest
> browsers then you knock out 70 percent of the world.  Bringing in common
> users requires a hand to help raise them up not a barrier to
> participation.
> {I absolutely do not mean this as a reverse looking critical statement
> of the wonderful hard work that has been essentially donated to building
> the site that has help bring over a thousand people}
> I mean this as a forward looking suggestion of reality in a digital
> world.
> Sincerely,
> eric

Norbert Klein
Open Forum of Cambodia: www.forum.org.kh

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