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Re: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

On 10/1/02 7:48 AM, Norbert Klein wrote:

Eversince the first (and only) ICANN At-Large election required Web access
and the e-mail only netizens were excluded (that means a lot of those in
Cambodia among the few who have Internet accees for e-mail only) I have been
trying to alert people who are happy about their high-speed and broadband access
that many others in the world are happy to get a dialup speed of 33 (or
sometimes less, depending on the technological environment). And the slower things
are, the more phone canrges they cost in many countries, wherewe pay pohne
charges by the minute.

It's all relative. I remember when we used to complain that our 1200 baud terminals were slow, that the old-timers used to tell us how luck we were. They remembered when 300 baud was a fast line, and you had to beg to be allowed that much raw speed.

We do need to remember that not everyone has the latest and greatest technology.

On the other hand, sometimes getting ny information at all, in any format, is a worthy achievement. Like ICANN accounts, for instance :-)

I applaud those who hav ebeen able to contribute more time and effort to this project than I have.

If there are a lot of email-only users, maybe we could set up one of those email reflectors that has an index of the main articles from the site, and emails the index, or articles from the list in response to email requests? In plain text, of course!


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