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[atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

It pains me greatly but I must pay compliment to TR for running this
list very effectively.
Good job for no pay, thank you.

OTOH, I connected through a dial up at about 33, which I think is a good
exemplar medium basis for users in the world.  And the web site killed
me. It is not something you want to bring a developing nation user into.

I ain't no prophet or engineer just an ordinary user. But when I close
my eyes this is not the way the internet is meant to be as far as I can

It is difficult to surf and you can go watch the moon rise as it comes
up.  Heck I do not know but modulation and separation seems like some
words I have heard.

Outreach will require ease of use.  Unless you want to expand the
digital divide.  When you build a site that is only good for the latest
browsers then you knock out 70 percent of the world.  Bringing in common
users requires a hand to help raise them up not a barrier to

{I absolutely do not mean this as a reverse looking critical statement
of the wonderful hard work that has been essentially donated to building
the site that has help bring over a thousand people}

I mean this as a forward looking suggestion of reality in a digital


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