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RE: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

Eric wrote:

|  Outreach will require ease of use.  Unless you want to expand the
|  digital divide.  When you build a site that is only good for the latest
|  browsers then you knock out 70 percent of the world.  Bringing in common
|  users requires a hand to help raise them up not a barrier to
|  participation.

I think what we need in areas that are underdeveloped communications-wise is
to look at bypassing older technologies that are pervasive in the US and
elsewhere, and deploy portable wireless devices.  802.11b chipset prices are
falling rapidly, and we can expect to see them as standard equipment in
almost every digital device.  I see something similar to Microsoft's Tablet
PC (without their price!), maybe running all open-source software, with
built-in Wi-Fi, and using one of several new organic displays that will be
very cheap to manufactur in quantity.  This would be less expensive to
deploy than traditional desktop PCs, would be easier to modify for non-roman
character sets, and would be more useful being a portable device.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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