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RE: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

> Eric wrote:
> |  Outreach will require ease of use.  Unless you want to expand the
> |  digital divide.  When you build a site that is only good for the latest
> |  browsers then you knock out 70 percent of the world.  Bringing in
> common
> |  users requires a hand to help raise them up not a barrier to
> |  participation.
> I think what we need in areas that are underdeveloped communications-wise
> is
> to look at bypassing older technologies that are pervasive in the US and
> elsewhere, and deploy portable wireless devices.  802.11b chipset prices
> are
> falling rapidly, and we can expect to see them as standard equipment in
> almost every digital device.  

Are you joking? Or talking about the distant future?
With a high school teacher's monthly salary at about US$30 to 35, this will
not do.

And access at the cheapest wireless provider costs US$77/month for 100MB per
month at 64K.

> I see something similar to Microsoft's Tablet
> PC (without their price!), maybe running all open-source software, with
> built-in Wi-Fi, and using one of several new organic displays that will be
> very cheap to manufactur in quantity.  

Let me know when we can get them...

> This would be less expensive to
> deploy than traditional desktop PCs, would be easier to modify for
> non-roman character sets, and would be more useful being a portable
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