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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Mission RE: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

Judyth Mermelstein wrote:

|  We have been talking about a massive effort to mobilize Internet
|  users around the world so as to give them a democratic voice in
|  the decisions that affect them. To give them that voice but
|  restrict its expression to begging ICANN to reinstate the
|  at-large body it never wanted in the first place, and laboured
|  so hard to gut and then eliminate, strikes me as terribly
|  short-sighted.

I for one don't believe that we should limit our user advocacy to ICANN.  We
should attept to continue working with them in good faith (at least on our
part!), but we should also eventually advocate for then in other
Internet-related venues as well.

|  If this group were able to serve as an umbrella-group
|  for all the various efforts to maintain the Internet open to
|  all, that would be magnificent.


|  If not, then at least I'd like
|  to see it make representations to all of the relevant bodies and
|  Summits and such which are in the process of determining what
|  the future, Internet-based "Information Society" will be like to live in.

Agreed.  This is the eventual goal I see for our organization.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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