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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Mission RE: [atlarge-discuss] List/website/connectivity

espresso@e-scape.net wrote:
At 04:47 +0200 2002/10/09, Norbert Klein wrote:
I think >the central concern here is ICANN - and the fact that
ICANN changed its original course, a very specific (and narrow)
track. In some of the ICANN-critical discussions the "mission
creep" has been denounced, that >ICANN took on more and more
functions (example: in trade mark protection) >which were not
the original tasks of ICANN.

That is certainly a legitimate position to take, in line with what I call the "narrowly-defined" mission.
I am obviously more inclined to take on a "broadly-defined" mission.
OK, Judyth - that clarifies things. And I think the fact that we have been poing around in circles for half a year is related to this very issue. This group cannot do both at the same time, I think, without losing any focus.

To work on what you call the "broadly-defined mission" I would not stay in this group. There are other, much better venues - and you have indicated some of them. Who is going to work on the "narrow" tasks (which is surely less fun that to change the whole world).

I also don't believe, unfortunately, that our group can reverse the neoconservative ideology which governs the United States and therefore is applied by the U.S. Department of Commerce to its "Memorandums of Understanding" with ICANN, even though the new one pays some lip service to recognizing input from Internet users as well as the major players in the industry.
Here I think you are wrong in terms of the history. The need "to recognize input form Internet users" is not just in the new Memorandum - it was clearly stated at the beginning, in summer and autumn 1998, before and when ICANN was started. But the appointed board did not stay with their original mandate. That is why the new Memorandum of September 2002 is cling the ICANN board to live up to their original mandate.

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