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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Future

At 01.12.2002 09:50, DPF wrote:
>What I find most disappointing is that ICANN is refusing any
>participation rights for global at large bodies such as
>icannatlarge.org.  When you consider the issues ICANN deal with are
>global in nature this is a highly retrograde step.

I believe this is a highly valid point. On the other hand,
while the issues are global in nature, users are spread
around the planet, and their concerns with regard to these
global issues may differ considerably. (May, not must).
Starting at a regional level should make language, 
communication and verification issues a bit easier. And
from what I have seen, there is more support for global
organizing from English-speaking countries in North America
and Europe, more support for regional organizing from
Latin America, Asia, Africa and Roman language countries.

>Could you imagine telling the IP Lawyers that global IP lawyer bodies
>can not be represented - that only regional associations can join?

No, I cannot. But even the INTA (International Trademark
Association) started 1878 as a regional (or even local) group
called the USTA -- it has been dubbed "international" only 
nine years ago.

>For all its faults icannatlarge.org is the *only* body of significant
>membership which has been formed *specifically* to provide at large
>users a voice, and bang not only do we not have nine or five directors
>but we don't even get eligibility to be part of ALAC.

That's right. What icannatlarge.org could do in the 
/meantime/ is to participate in all regional At Large
building efforts. 

>It would be a helpful step forward if those with influence could
>persuade ERC or whomever to change this.  

Frankly, I don't think the ERC is willing to accept any major
changes at this point in time, and the At Large is not /the/ 
central issue for them. I'm not saying it's not a good proposal
(and in the discussions, there were a number of people agreeing
that global organizing should also be done, amongst them Esther 
Dyson), but I don't think it will happen before the Amsterdam

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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