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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Future

On Sun, 01 Dec 2002 09:50:53 +1300, you wrote:

>What I find most disappointing is that ICANN is refusing any
>participation rights for global at large bodies such as
>icannatlarge.org.  When you consider the issues ICANN deal with are
>global in nature this is a highly retrograde step.

As you might know, the scheme suggested by the ALAC Advisory Group had
one third of the ALAC elected as representative of global At Large
organization. The ERC replaced this with five NomCom-appointed
representatives, and as a consequence, there is now no direct
representation for global organizations (though I imagine that global
organizations might join the five RALOs with five regional chapters,
and that they might coordinate to push their proposals and candidates
throughout all the five Regional elections).

Honestly, I am not sure whether this was a bug (due to the Board's
desire of letting at least some seats be controlled by the NomCom) or
a feature. So I don't know whether this means that there can be some
correction to this, or not. Certainly we are going to raise the point
in Amsterdam, but almost certainly no change will be made in the short

Also (to answer other concerns): I am fighting my personal battle to
obtain that a rule is made so that NomCom appointments require a
qualified majority (66%, 75% or even 80%). This would make it more
difficult to outvote and exclude representatives from any group (At
Large included). I have been submitting this at various times through
the Public Forum and the other opportunities for comments. I think
this is a key point, so I encourage others to support this point with
the ERC.
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