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[atlarge-discuss] Re: passwords to access the preview icannatlarge.org site

Ok, now here's where I can come in and help the website. I will send you the
proper metatags for the site. But you also need an SEO for the site. While I
don't wish to serve as webmaster, my expertise is in domain name selection
and keyword selection. I purchase domains for clients, optimize sites for
inclusion in the search engines and write text that makes the point you want
to make using the right keywords to give it higher rankings for the phrases
we want to target.

I don't need a list of phrases from the group. Not trying to be undemocratic
here, but I run a script 24/7 on a dedicated server that monitors what
people type into the search engines and know how to select ones that relate
to what we are doing here, as well as including some phrases that are not
necessarily targeted to the subject matter but will get the average internet
user to hit the site and then hope we catch their eye and they will join.

I know how to get traffic and know how to convert that traffic once I get
it. Now I do offer my services in that way. That means this group will have
to approve rewrites of the front page text before those changes are made by
the webmaster. But use of keywords in the right amount and still being able
to get your point across and make it readable is a skill I'm proud of and
one that is necessary for the success of any website.

In other words I can get us crawled and ranked well.

If you want to accept the offer let me know before I start.


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At 13:37 +0100 2002/12/02, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
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>username: icannatlarge
>password: test3site

Hello, all,

I don't normally send HTML in messages without prior agreement but this time
it is probably appropriate.

What I did was download the part of the test site I could get before one of
the pages froze this Mac (the low-end one) and intersperse my corrections
and comments in the "Welcome" page. Items related to the other pages are
commented following the links to those pages.

I am pasting the results below. Please forgive me if the comments aren't as
diplomatic as we'd like -- I'm *really* tired and have more hours to do
before I can sleep. I'll leave it to you to judge whether any of it is worth
reposting to the WG-Web list or discussing on atlarge-discuss.



Revisions recommended by J. Mermelstein
Delete items in square brackets [xxx]
Add text enclosed in double asterisks **xxx*
Comments enclosed in double exclamation points !!xxx!!

------Welcome page starts here--

<title>Welcome to ICANNAtLarge.org</title>
<meta name="keywords" content="ICANN At Large, [ICANN Members,] At Large
Study Committee, At Large Advisory Committee, ALSC, ALAC, ALOC, [signup,
join, members forum,] Domain Names, Internet users, Internet users rights,
online rights, online democracy, **Internet governance**">

!! Our keywords could probably use a little more thought -- what searches by
Internet users would we want to lead them to us? especially, what words will
find us for users who don't already know all the ICANN acronyms? !!

<meta name="description" content=["This is the place to sign up as an
Individual ICANN member, or as a member of a global organization of
Individual Domain Name Holders."]
**"A soon-to-be global non-profit organization for Internet users"**>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="icannatlarge.css" type="text/css">
<script language="JavaScript">
<!--<!--function MM_reloadPage(init) {  //reloads the window if Nav4 resized
if (init==true) with (navigator) {if
((appName=="Netscape")&&(parseInt(appVersion)==4)) {
document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight;
onresize=MM_reloadPage; }}  else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW ||
location.reload();}MM_reloadPage(true);// -->//--></script><style>
<!--A:hover {color: "#379BFF"}--></style></head><body bgcolor="#003366"
text="#000000" leftmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0"
link="#0059B3" vlink="#0059B3" alink="#0059B3"><br><table width="748"
border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="center">
<tr>     <td bgcolor="#D5E9FF" height="20" width="754">       <table
width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">        <tr>
<td><b><span class="font"><font size="4" color="#004F9D"><img
src="grafix/top.gif" width="748" height="120" usemap="#Map" border="0"
alt="icann at large"></font></span></b>
<map name="Map">               <area shape="rect" coords="3,93,40,110"
href="index.htm">              <area shape="rect" coords="43,93,133,110"
href="register.php">              <area shape="rect" coords="136,92,239,109"
href="view.php?sortorder=chrono">              <area shape="rect"
coords="245,93,295,109" href="charter.htm">              <area shape="rect"
coords="301,93,343,108" href="forum/">              <area shape="rect"
coords="346,93,394,110" href="voting.htm">              <area shape="rect"
coords="396,93,444,109" href="history.htm">              <area shape="rect"
coords="445,93,507,110" href="progress.htm">              <area shape="rect"
coords="512,93,584,109" href="statements.htm">              <area
shape="rect" coords="589,94,646,109" href="funding.php">              <area
shape="rect" coords="649,92,704,110" href="regional.htm">              <area
shape="rect" coords="710,92,746,108" href="links.htm">            </map>
</td>        </tr>        <tr>          <td>

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10">
                   <p class="font"><span class="font"><font color="#004F9D"
size="4"><b><center>Welcome to icannatlarge.org!</center></b>

!! I don't know how to write CSS, Javascripts, etc. -- just plain old
HTML -- but I can assure you this site will work very badly for a good
number of
Internet users. The way this is set up, even in the smallest legible  (8pt
Times) typeface, I have to scroll one half-screen to the right to read the
last part of each line and then scroll back for the beginning of the next.
(Macintosh LC520, 11" (diag.) hi-res colour display set for 256 colours,
iCab 2.8.2)
  I think it's a very bad idea to specify coordinates based on a large,
high-resolution display unless everyone reading the material is provided
with the equipment to see it that way. It's infinitely better to allow the
user's browser to wrap text and position links according to the screen size
and default font and size which the user has chosen.
  Also, there is no special reason why the home page cannot contain some
useful text about what the heck ICANN is and what we are hoping to do. That
would certainly be more helpful to people who can't just fly to Amsterdam to
find out, and Internet users do use the PageDown key to read a second
screenful more readily than they scroll from side to side to read the text.

<p class="font"><B>ICANNatlarge.org</B> (formerly [known as] **located at**
ICANNatlarge.com) is an attempt by a group of concerned Internet users to
self-organize, so to express the needs and concerns of all users to
[entities] **the organizations** in charge of the technical and
socio-political rules of the Internet. Its mission and constitution are
works in progress, but [a lot of activities are ongoing] **progress
<em>is</em> being made.** Please join us (it's free) and help [in defending]
**defend** the rights of Internet users!</p>
<p class="font"><table width="100%">
<td><a href="register.php"><B>Register</B> as a member</a></td>
<td><a href="forum.htm"><B>Participate</B> [to] **in** discussions</a></td>
<td><a href="regional.htm"><B>Contact</B> people in your country</a></td>

<p class="font"><span class="font"><font color="#004F9D"
size="4"><b><center>News and announcements</center></b> </font></span></p>
!! I don't know why but this header shows up without the bold and in Times
12, which looks a bit funny given the rest of the headings.

<p class="font"><B>At Large meeting in Amsterdam</B><br>ICANN will hold its
<a href="http://www.icann.org/amsterdam/"; target="_blank">next meeting</a>
in Amsterdam on December 14-15. Icannatlarge.org is setting up an At Large
meeting on the morning of Saturday 14. Further details will be published
here when available.</p><p class="font"><B>WHOIS and Transfer Task Force
reports</B><br>The DNSO Task Forces have released their final reports on <a
href="http://www.byte.org/nc-transfers/final/"; target="_blank">domain name
transfers</a> and <a
cess.html" target="_blank">WHOIS</a>. WHOIS report can be commented up to
December 8.</p><p class="font"><B>Transition Article
published</B><br>ICANN's Evolution and Reform Committee has released a <a
ntation-report-24nov02.htm" target="_blank">new report</a> including a draft
Transition Article.</p>

!! It would be helpful to consider including a few words about what WHOIS
and DNSO are, who the Task Forces are, what the "transition" is -- a
sentence or two on each for the people who won't know and are unlikely to
wade through the reports without knowing why they should read them. !!

<p class="font"><font size="1" class="webmaster">Questions or feedback
about the website can be directed to the <a
</td>              </tr>            </table>          </td>        </tr>
</table>          </td>  </tr>  <tr>     <td bgcolor="#0076EC" height="20"
width="754">       <div align="center"><font size="1" face="Arial,
Helvetica, sans-serif"><b><font color="#6FAEEE"><a href="index.htm"><font
color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Home</span></font></a>         | <a
href="register.php"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Register
Here</span></font></a> |

!! I'd suggest we change this bit on the Register page:
[I understand that I am registering to
become a member of ICANN At Large under conditions that
have not been finally established or adopted by ICANN
Board. I will be given an opportunity to de-register
if the final conditions, including any fees, are not
to my liking.]
!! to
**I understand that ICANNATLARGE.ORG is (as yet) an unincorporated  group
whose charter and bylaws have not yet been finalized, and that registering
entitles me as an individual to participate in the process which will lead
to incorporation and approval of the new organization's rules and
I understand I will be free to choose whether to become a member of that new
organization and/or any other national, regional or interest-based
organizations affiliated with it.
I also understand that I may resign from the present group by sending a
message to the Membership Co-ordinator <membership@icannatlarge.org>
containing the personal information provided at the time of my registration
and a request to have my name removed from the membership roll.**<br>

<a href="view.php?sortorder=chrono"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">[ICANN ]  **AtLarge ** Members</span></font></a> |

!! Don't know quite why but something on that page caused my Mac to freeze
without showing anything onscreen (i.e., before half the page had loaded. !!

<a href="charter.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">Charter</span></font></a>         |

!! The file at http://ialo.bertola.eu.org/charter.htm needs a touch-up: I
think we should try to be consistent in our terminology and a little more
<b>A [                   ] Charter for [the ICANN at Large]
**ICANNatlarge.org</b>**<br>[                    </b> ]</font>
<b><font size="2" color="#004F9D">Work in progress</font></b></span></p>
<p class="font">[To work on the Mission and Bylaws for icannatlarge.org, a
Bylaws Working Group has been established.]
The group which now operates as ICANNatlarge.org is working towards
incorporating an international, non-profit organization open to and working
on behalf of all Internet users.<br>
Its WG-Bylaws working group has been formed specifically to develop a
Charter for the new organization, which will consist of a definition of its
Mission (scope of activity and goals) and Bylaws (rules and regulations
about membership, election of officers and directors, and other matters
which determine how the organization will operate).** [</p>
<p class="font">Contributions are invited from all members, especially if
having] **New volunteers, especially those with [professional] experience
with international non-profit organizations,[. Please] **are invited to**
subscribe to the [group] WG-Bylaws mailing list and [have your say] **help
with this important effort.<br>
Meanwhile, all members are encouraged to have their say on the general
<b>atlarge-discuss</b> mailing list. This will be an organization for all
Internet users and everyone's contributions count.**</p> !!

<a href="forum.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">Forum</span></font></a>         |

!!  The file at http://ialo.bertola.eu.org/forum.htm is currently given the
title "Charter" rather than "Forums". The following portion needs some
corrections, I think:

<b>Discussion Forums</b></font></span></p>
<p class="font">You can actively participate [to] **in ** [the] **our**
activities [of the organization] by joining [its] **the atlarge-discuss
general discussion [mailing] list **and/**or the mailing list[s] of one of
[the] **our** working groups. **<br>**
You can also [watch] **read** the [intenral] discussion [among the] **within
our** elected [panel] **Interim Panel** through the archive of the
**atlarge-**panel mailing list.</p>
<p class="font">[The original Web forum used in the early months of the
organization was taken down due to a hack. We advise you to use the mailing
lists in the meanwhile.] **Recently the Web forum which this group had used
for discussing its mission and charter was hacked. The contents of those
discussions are now available at <A HREF="http://www.icannatlarge.com";> our
former domain </A> but debate continues on the atlarge-discuss and WG-Bylaws
mailing lists. We hope to have our own forum back online shortly.**</p>
<p class="font"><b>[U] **Please u**se the following links to
<li class="font"><a
href="http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/";><b>atlarge-discuss</b></a> [The]
**Our** general discussion [mailing] list[ for the organization].</li>
<li class="font"><a
href="http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-panel/";><b>atlarge-panel</b></a> The
[internal] **Interim Panel's** mailing list [for the elected panel
(subscription **is** restricted to panelists[.] **but its** [public web]
archive **is open to all**).</li>
**<b>"WG-"</b> lists are used for discussions within our "working groups"
which are committees of volunteers interested in working together on a
particular aspect of the organization. Any member may volunteer for any
working group.
<li class="font"><a
g"><b>WG-Bylaws</b></a> The working group devoted to drafting the Mission
and Bylaws of the organization.</li>
<li class="font"><a
<b>WG-Web</b></a> The working group devoted to managing this web site.</li>
<li class="font"><a
<b>WG-DNS</b></a> The working group devoted to studying the technical
aspects of the Domain Name System.</li>
<li class="font"><a
org"><b>WG-Outreach</b></a> The working group which deals with membership,
public relations and publicity, and media relations.</li>
<li class="font"><a
rg"><b>WG-Finance</b></a> does not yet exist as a working group but will
soon be recruited to deal with budgeting and fundraising matters. Those who
have pledged their financial support will be contacted once a preliminary
budget has been established.</li>
<li class="font">Other working groups may be set up by the Panel or by
members with interest or expertise in a particular area. Please post your
ideas on atlarge-discuss!**

<a href="voting.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"
class="spec_link">Voting</font></a>        |
<a href="history.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">History</span></font></a>         |
<a href="progress.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">
Progress</span></font></a> | <a href="statements.htm"><font
color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Statements</span></font></a>
| <a href="funding.php"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">Funding</span></font></a>        |

!! Didn't download these pages yet to check them on this machine. !!

<a href="regional.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
class="spec_link">Regional</span></font></a>        |

!! On the Regional page, please change as indicated below:
<p><b>Canada<br>                          <img src="grafix/sotiris2.jpg"
width="90" height="113" align="middle" alt="Sotiris Sotiropoulos"><br>
<br>                          </b> Physical meetings organized by <a
Sotiropoulos</a>. <br></p>
<p><b>[For Quebec] **Qu&eacute;bec et le Canada fran&ccedil;ais**</b>:</p>
<p>Pour en savoir plus, veuillez contacter<br>
<a href="mailto:espresso@e-scape.ne**t**";>Judyth Me**r**melstein</a>
!! I did ask Joop to correct my name and e-mail address more than once but
apparently he never did, which may be why I've never received any enquiries.
Of course, the other reason for lack of interest on the part of
French-speaking Canadians is that absolutely nothing on the site is
available in their language yet... !!

<a href="links.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"
class="spec_link">Links</font></a></font></b></font></div>    </td>
</tr></table><div align="center"><br>  <span
--Welcome page ends--

NOTE:  On one of the pages I didn't download, I believe I saw an option that
proposed people might join a domain-name-owners' organization. It wasn't
immediately clear to me whether this was a separate organization or a
proposal that icannatlarge.org have a separate membership category for
domain-owners. Either way, it didn't look like something this organization
had agreed to do and I suggest we remove it.



Judyth Mermelstein     "cogito ergo lego ergo cogito..."
Montreal, QC           <espresso@e-scape.net>
"A word to the wise is sufficient. For others, use more."

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