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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: passwords to access the preview icannatlarge.org site

Sounds like an offer we'd be nuts to turn down - you have an expertise - we
can benefit from it - thanks!

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Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 11:19 AM
Subject: [atlarge-discuss] Re: passwords to access the preview
icannatlarge.org site

> Ok, now here's where I can come in and help the website. I will send you
> proper metatags for the site. But you also need an SEO for the site. While
> don't wish to serve as webmaster, my expertise is in domain name selection
> and keyword selection. I purchase domains for clients, optimize sites for
> inclusion in the search engines and write text that makes the point you
> to make using the right keywords to give it higher rankings for the
> we want to target.
> I don't need a list of phrases from the group. Not trying to be
> here, but I run a script 24/7 on a dedicated server that monitors what
> people type into the search engines and know how to select ones that
> to what we are doing here, as well as including some phrases that are not
> necessarily targeted to the subject matter but will get the average
> user to hit the site and then hope we catch their eye and they will join.
> I know how to get traffic and know how to convert that traffic once I get
> it. Now I do offer my services in that way. That means this group will
> to approve rewrites of the front page text before those changes are made
> the webmaster. But use of keywords in the right amount and still being
> to get your point across and make it readable is a skill I'm proud of and
> one that is necessary for the success of any website.
> In other words I can get us crawled and ranked well.
> If you want to accept the offer let me know before I start.
> NameCritic
> http://www.FreeDomainNameInfo.com
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 10:33 PM
> Subject: Re: passwords to access the preview icannatlarge.org site
> At 13:37 +0100 2002/12/02, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
> >URL: http://ialo.bertola.eu.org/
> >username: icannatlarge
> >password: test3site
> Hello, all,
> I don't normally send HTML in messages without prior agreement but this
> it is probably appropriate.
> What I did was download the part of the test site I could get before one
> the pages froze this Mac (the low-end one) and intersperse my corrections
> and comments in the "Welcome" page. Items related to the other pages are
> commented following the links to those pages.
> I am pasting the results below. Please forgive me if the comments aren't
> diplomatic as we'd like -- I'm *really* tired and have more hours to do
> before I can sleep. I'll leave it to you to judge whether any of it is
> reposting to the WG-Web list or discussing on atlarge-discuss.
> Regards,
> Judyth
> Revisions recommended by J. Mermelstein
> Delete items in square brackets [xxx]
> Add text enclosed in double asterisks **xxx*
> Comments enclosed in double exclamation points !!xxx!!
> ------Welcome page starts here--
> <html>
> <head>
> <title>Welcome to ICANNAtLarge.org</title>
> <meta name="keywords" content="ICANN At Large, [ICANN Members,] At Large
> Study Committee, At Large Advisory Committee, ALSC, ALAC, ALOC, [signup,
> join, members forum,] Domain Names, Internet users, Internet users rights,
> online rights, online democracy, **Internet governance**">
> !! Our keywords could probably use a little more thought -- what searches
> Internet users would we want to lead them to us? especially, what words
> find us for users who don't already know all the ICANN acronyms? !!
> <meta name="description" content=["This is the place to sign up as an
> Individual ICANN member, or as a member of a global organization of
> Individual Domain Name Holders."]
> **"A soon-to-be global non-profit organization for Internet users"**>
> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
> <link rel="stylesheet" href="icannatlarge.css" type="text/css">
> <script language="JavaScript">
> <!--<!--function MM_reloadPage(init) {  file://reloads the window if Nav4
> if (init==true) with (navigator) {if
> ((appName=="Netscape")&&(parseInt(appVersion)==4)) {
> document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight;
> onresize=MM_reloadPage; }}  else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW ||
> innerHeight!=document.MM_pgH)
> location.reload();}MM_reloadPage(true);// -->//--></script><style>
> <!--A:hover {color: "#379BFF"}--></style></head><body bgcolor="#003366"
> text="#000000" leftmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"
> link="#0059B3" vlink="#0059B3" alink="#0059B3"><br><table width="748"
> border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"
> <tr>     <td bgcolor="#D5E9FF" height="20" width="754">       <table
> width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">        <tr>
> <td><b><span class="font"><font size="4" color="#004F9D"><img
> src="grafix/top.gif" width="748" height="120" usemap="#Map" border="0"
> alt="icann at large"></font></span></b>
> <map name="Map">               <area shape="rect" coords="3,93,40,110"
> href="index.htm">              <area shape="rect" coords="43,93,133,110"
> href="register.php">              <area shape="rect"
> href="view.php?sortorder=chrono">              <area shape="rect"
> coords="245,93,295,109" href="charter.htm">              <area
> coords="301,93,343,108" href="forum/">              <area shape="rect"
> coords="346,93,394,110" href="voting.htm">              <area shape="rect"
> coords="396,93,444,109" href="history.htm">              <area
> coords="445,93,507,110" href="progress.htm">              <area
> coords="512,93,584,109" href="statements.htm">              <area
> shape="rect" coords="589,94,646,109" href="funding.php">
> shape="rect" coords="649,92,704,110" href="regional.htm">
> shape="rect" coords="710,92,746,108" href="links.htm">            </map>
> </td>        </tr>        <tr>          <td>
> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10">
> <tr>
>                 <td>
>                    <p class="font"><span class="font"><font
> size="4"><b><center>Welcome to icannatlarge.org!</center></b>
> </font></span></p>
> !! I don't know how to write CSS, Javascripts, etc. -- just plain old
> HTML -- but I can assure you this site will work very badly for a good
> number of
> Internet users. The way this is set up, even in the smallest legible  (8pt
> Times) typeface, I have to scroll one half-screen to the right to read the
> last part of each line and then scroll back for the beginning of the next.
> (Macintosh LC520, 11" (diag.) hi-res colour display set for 256 colours,
> iCab 2.8.2)
>   I think it's a very bad idea to specify coordinates based on a large,
> high-resolution display unless everyone reading the material is provided
> with the equipment to see it that way. It's infinitely better to allow the
> user's browser to wrap text and position links according to the screen
> and default font and size which the user has chosen.
>   Also, there is no special reason why the home page cannot contain some
> useful text about what the heck ICANN is and what we are hoping to do.
> would certainly be more helpful to people who can't just fly to Amsterdam
> find out, and Internet users do use the PageDown key to read a second
> screenful more readily than they scroll from side to side to read the
> !!
> <p class="font"><B>ICANNatlarge.org</B> (formerly [known as] **located
> ICANNatlarge.com) is an attempt by a group of concerned Internet users to
> self-organize, so to express the needs and concerns of all users to
> [entities] **the organizations** in charge of the technical and
> socio-political rules of the Internet. Its mission and constitution are
> works in progress, but [a lot of activities are ongoing] **progress
> <em>is</em> being made.** Please join us (it's free) and help [in
> **defend** the rights of Internet users!</p>
> <p class="font"><table width="100%">
> <tr>
> <td><a href="register.php"><B>Register</B> as a member</a></td>
> <td><a href="forum.htm"><B>Participate</B> [to] **in**
> <td><a href="regional.htm"><B>Contact</B> people in your country</a></td>
> </tr>
> </table></p>
> <p class="font"><span class="font"><font color="#004F9D"
> size="4"><b><center>News and announcements</center></b> </font></span></p>
> !! I don't know why but this header shows up without the bold and in Times
> 12, which looks a bit funny given the rest of the headings.
> <p class="font"><B>At Large meeting in Amsterdam</B><br>ICANN will hold
> <a href="http://www.icann.org/amsterdam/"; target="_blank">next meeting</a>
> in Amsterdam on December 14-15. Icannatlarge.org is setting up an At Large
> meeting on the morning of Saturday 14. Further details will be published
> here when available.</p><p class="font"><B>WHOIS and Transfer Task Force
> reports</B><br>The DNSO Task Forces have released their final reports on
> href="http://www.byte.org/nc-transfers/final/"; target="_blank">domain name
> transfers</a> and <a
> cess.html" target="_blank">WHOIS</a>. WHOIS report can be commented up to
> December 8.</p><p class="font"><B>Transition Article
> published</B><br>ICANN's Evolution and Reform Committee has released a <a
> ntation-report-24nov02.htm" target="_blank">new report</a> including a
> Transition Article.</p>
> !! It would be helpful to consider including a few words about what WHOIS
> and DNSO are, who the Task Forces are, what the "transition" is -- a
> sentence or two on each for the people who won't know and are unlikely to
> wade through the reports without knowing why they should read them. !!
> <p class="font"><font size="1" class="webmaster">Questions or feedback
> about the website can be directed to the <a
> href="mailto:webmaster@icannatlarge.org";>webmaster</a>.</font></p>
> </td>              </tr>            </table>          </td>        </tr>
> </table>          </td>  </tr>  <tr>     <td bgcolor="#0076EC" height="20"
> width="754">       <div align="center"><font size="1" face="Arial,
> Helvetica, sans-serif"><b><font color="#6FAEEE"><a href="index.htm"><font
> color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Home</span></font></a>         |
> href="register.php"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Register
> Here</span></font></a> |
> !! I'd suggest we change this bit on the Register page:
> [I understand that I am registering to
> become a member of ICANN At Large under conditions that
> have not been finally established or adopted by ICANN
> Board. I will be given an opportunity to de-register
> if the final conditions, including any fees, are not
> to my liking.]
> !! to
> **I understand that ICANNATLARGE.ORG is (as yet) an unincorporated  group
> whose charter and bylaws have not yet been finalized, and that registering
> entitles me as an individual to participate in the process which will lead
> to incorporation and approval of the new organization's rules and
> regulations.
> I understand I will be free to choose whether to become a member of that
> organization and/or any other national, regional or interest-based
> organizations affiliated with it.
> I also understand that I may resign from the present group by sending a
> message to the Membership Co-ordinator <membership@icannatlarge.org>
> containing the personal information provided at the time of my
> and a request to have my name removed from the membership roll.**<br>
> <a href="view.php?sortorder=chrono"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">[ICANN ]  **AtLarge ** Members</span></font></a> |
> !! Don't know quite why but something on that page caused my Mac to freeze
> without showing anything onscreen (i.e., before half the page had loaded.
> <a href="charter.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">Charter</span></font></a>         |
> !! The file at http://ialo.bertola.eu.org/charter.htm needs a touch-up: I
> think we should try to be consistent in our terminology and a little more
> explanatory:
> <b>A [                   ] Charter for [the ICANN at Large]
> **ICANNatlarge.org</b>**<br>[                    </b> ]</font>
> <b><font size="2" color="#004F9D">Work in progress</font></b></span></p>
> <p class="font">[To work on the Mission and Bylaws for icannatlarge.org, a
> Bylaws Working Group has been established.]
> **
> The group which now operates as ICANNatlarge.org is working towards
> incorporating an international, non-profit organization open to and
> on behalf of all Internet users.<br>
> Its WG-Bylaws working group has been formed specifically to develop a
> Charter for the new organization, which will consist of a definition of
> Mission (scope of activity and goals) and Bylaws (rules and regulations
> about membership, election of officers and directors, and other matters
> which determine how the organization will operate).** [</p>
> <p class="font">Contributions are invited from all members, especially if
> having] **New volunteers, especially those with [professional] experience
> with international non-profit organizations,[. Please] **are invited to**
> subscribe to the [group] WG-Bylaws mailing list and [have your say] **help
> with this important effort.<br>
> Meanwhile, all members are encouraged to have their say on the general
> <b>atlarge-discuss</b> mailing list. This will be an organization for all
> Internet users and everyone's contributions count.**</p> !!
> <a href="forum.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">Forum</span></font></a>         |
> !!  The file at http://ialo.bertola.eu.org/forum.htm is currently given
> title "Charter" rather than "Forums". The following portion needs some
> corrections, I think:
> <b>Discussion Forums</b></font></span></p>
> <p class="font">You can actively participate [to] **in ** [the] **our**
> activities [of the organization] by joining [its] **the atlarge-discuss
> general discussion [mailing] list **and/**or the mailing list[s] of one of
> [the] **our** working groups. **<br>**
> You can also [watch] **read** the [intenral] discussion [among the]
> our** elected [panel] **Interim Panel** through the archive of the
> **atlarge-**panel mailing list.</p>
> <p class="font">[The original Web forum used in the early months of the
> organization was taken down due to a hack. We advise you to use the
> lists in the meanwhile.] **Recently the Web forum which this group had
> for discussing its mission and charter was hacked. The contents of those
> discussions are now available at <A HREF="http://www.icannatlarge.com";>
> former domain </A> but debate continues on the atlarge-discuss and
> mailing lists. We hope to have our own forum back online shortly.**</p>
> <p class="font"><b>[U] **Please u**se the following links to
> participate:</b></p>
> <ul>
> <li class="font"><a
> href="http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/";><b>atlarge-discuss</b></a>
> **Our** general discussion [mailing] list[ for the organization].</li>
> <li class="font"><a
> href="http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-panel/";><b>atlarge-panel</b></a> The
> [internal] **Interim Panel's** mailing list [for the elected panel
> (subscription **is** restricted to panelists[.] **but its** [public web]
> archive **is open to all**).</li>
> </ul><br>
> **<b>"WG-"</b> lists are used for discussions within our "working groups"
> which are committees of volunteers interested in working together on a
> particular aspect of the organization. Any member may volunteer for any
> working group.
> <ul>
> <li class="font"><a
> g"><b>WG-Bylaws</b></a> The working group devoted to drafting the Mission
> and Bylaws of the organization.</li>
> <li class="font"><a
> <b>WG-Web</b></a> The working group devoted to managing this web
> <li class="font"><a
> <b>WG-DNS</b></a> The working group devoted to studying the technical
> aspects of the Domain Name System.</li>
> <li class="font"><a
> org"><b>WG-Outreach</b></a> The working group which deals with membership,
> public relations and publicity, and media relations.</li>
> <li class="font"><a
> rg"><b>WG-Finance</b></a> does not yet exist as a working group but will
> soon be recruited to deal with budgeting and fundraising matters. Those
> have pledged their financial support will be contacted once a preliminary
> budget has been established.</li>
> <li class="font">Other working groups may be set up by the Panel or by
> members with interest or expertise in a particular area. Please post your
> ideas on atlarge-discuss!**
> </ul>
> <a href="voting.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"
> class="spec_link">Voting</font></a>        |
> <a href="history.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">History</span></font></a>         |
> <a href="progress.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">
> Progress</span></font></a> | <a href="statements.htm"><font
> color="#FFFFFF"><span class="spec_link">Statements</span></font></a>
> | <a href="funding.php"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">Funding</span></font></a>        |
> !! Didn't download these pages yet to check them on this machine. !!
> <a href="regional.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"><span
> class="spec_link">Regional</span></font></a>        |
> !! On the Regional page, please change as indicated below:
> <p><b>Canada<br>                          <img src="grafix/sotiris2.jpg"
> width="90" height="113" align="middle" alt="Sotiris Sotiropoulos"><br>
> <br>                          </b> Physical meetings organized by <a
> href="mailto:sotiris@hermesnetworks.com";>Sotiris
> Sotiropoulos</a>. <br></p>
> <p><b>[For Quebec] **Qu&eacute;bec et le Canada fran&ccedil;ais**</b>:</p>
> <p>Pour en savoir plus, veuillez contacter<br>
> <a href="mailto:espresso@e-scape.ne**t**";>Judyth Me**r**melstein</a>
> <br></p>
> !! I did ask Joop to correct my name and e-mail address more than once but
> apparently he never did, which may be why I've never received any
> Of course, the other reason for lack of interest on the part of
> French-speaking Canadians is that absolutely nothing on the site is
> available in their language yet... !!
> <a href="links.htm"><font color="#FFFFFF"
> class="spec_link">Links</font></a></font></b></font></div>    </td>
> </tr></table><div align="center"><br>  <span
> class="font"></span></div></body></html>
> --Welcome page ends--
> NOTE:  On one of the pages I didn't download, I believe I saw an option
> proposed people might join a domain-name-owners' organization. It wasn't
> immediately clear to me whether this was a separate organization or a
> proposal that icannatlarge.org have a separate membership category for
> domain-owners. Either way, it didn't look like something this organization
> had agreed to do and I suggest we remove it.
> HTH,
> Judyth
> ##########################################################
> Judyth Mermelstein     "cogito ergo lego ergo cogito..."
> Montreal, QC           <espresso@e-scape.net>
> ##########################################################
> "A word to the wise is sufficient. For others, use more."
> ##########################################################
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