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Re: RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join

On 15:58 02/01/03, Walter Schmidt said:
On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Eric Dierker wrote:
> Well Ms. Judyth, You certainly made a good point. We should decide
> where the largest contributors will come from and be in business
> there.
Then obviously for that kind of Secretariat supporting action, you have to go to Delaware for US sponsors and in Paris from the rest of the world with your HQ in France, and write the minimum number of words in incorporating.

A polite no - what we should (have done by now) do is be organized such
that any and all contibutions from anyone, anywhere, allow the donor and
ourselves to enjoy the maximum financial benefit. This includes for both,
consideration of (at the least):
 - matching contributions
 - tax consequences
 - accounting and reporting requirements

You know that there are two non-profit cultures. The US one where people deducts and the interest of a action is judged by its sponsoring, and the French where deductions are controlled and non-profits do not even report if true non-profit. So US oriented actions should be administered in the USA and the resto the world matters in France. Belgium and Switzerland probably offer comparable yet more specific images. Switzerland is better for International orgs (UN like) and Belgium (or Luxemburg) for European.

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