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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Our Task List and Status...

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:53:56 -0500, espresso@e-scape.net wrote:

>This organization should conduct a yearly election
>for Board members who will then decide what the
>organization will be and do without further input
>from the membership.                               __ Yes  __ No
>This organization should exist to carry out the
>policy decisions made by its membership through
>periodic electronic ballots; its Board should be
>responsible for organizing such ballots as needed
>and carrying out the policies so determined.       __ Yes  __ No

Umm these are hardly neutral summaries of the possibilities.  In fact
it is about as close to "Do you want a dictatorship or not" as one can
get.  A more neutral set of options would be:

Do you want the authority of the organisation's Board to be:

a) Can decide nothing - only authority is to refer issues for members

b) Can decide everything, including changes to the bylaws/constitution
(ICANN model)

c) Can decide everything except bylaws changes

d) Members decide on bylaws and policies but board decides on all
other issues but with right of veto by members if say 5% object

There are even more options than the ones below, but that is going to
get you closer to finding out what people truly want.


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